5 Office Events to Keep Employees Happy

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With a group of tight knit employees, it is important to keep everyone’s spirits up and boost morale from time to time with small office events. While you may have spent time finding an affordable office for rent to keep overhead low (Browse all Houston Workstyle Locations), you may still be working with a fixed budget and need to find a few affordable office event ideas that your group may love. The good news is that there are several office event ideas that you can use to help you keep your group happy. You may consider implementing several of these ideas at different times throughout the year for the best overall results.


5 Small Office Events to Keep Employees Happy

Group Fitness Sessions

small-office-houston-events-keep-employees-happy-fitnessOne fun idea that is great for small business owners to consider is to set up group fitness sessions. These may be held during the day over a lunch hour if you have space available in your office. When finding a small office for rent in Houston, you may look for a space that has an extra room or a larger free area that is well-suited for group fitness sessions like yoga or Pilates.


You can also choose a rental space that is in a complex with a large green area outdoors that could be used for group fitness sessions as well. Fitness classes are a wonderful idea because they can relieve stress, relax the body and improve health and well-being. Plus, with the group working out together, they will develop an improved sense of camaraderie.




5 Small Office Events to Keep Employees Happy

A Relaxing Massage Day

small-office-houston-events-keep-employees-happy-massageAnother great idea to consider for your small office is a relaxing massage day. This may be a special morale-booster that is only used from time to time rather than regularly, such as fitness sessions may be. You can hire a masseuse to visit the office and to give chair or table massages. Each employee can take turns getting a massage while the rest of the staff members work.


This is a fun way to pamper your team and to show them how much you appreciate their efforts. This may be particularly appreciated by them after they have worked extra hard on a big project, landed a big account or have made some other monumental effort.




5 Small Office Events to Keep Employees Happy

Small Office Olympics

small-office-houston-events-keep-employees-happy-olympicsIf you have a younger or more active staff, your team may enjoy an athletic yet competitive event such as Olympics. You can invite family members of your staff members to attend and to participate in this fun event as well, and you can think about unique activities rather than traditional Olympic events.


These events may even be more akin to field day events at an elementary school, but they can be fun and can help your group to bond as a team.




5 Small Office Events to Keep Employees Happy

Barbecue at the Park

small-office-houston-events-keep-employees-happy-barbecueYou may also consider starting an annual event for your small office, such as a barbecue at a nearby park. This can be a fun event that your whole group may begin to look forward to. You can reduce the cost of this event by asking everyone to contribute items or to bring a dish. Choose a park or venue that has fun activities for families and kids to enjoy if your group has children.


This can be a great alternative to a more expensive holiday dinner at a restaurant, and it is a great way for your employees to see the more personal side of each other by spending time with your families.




5 Small Office Events to Keep Employees Happy

A Catered Lunch

small-office-houston-events-keep-employees-happy-catered-lunchFor a small team of employees, you can also consider hosting a catered lunch from time to time. Something as simple as ordering pizza or a tray of sandwiches can go a long way toward boosting morale. You can also consider starting a regular tradition, such as making popcorn for the group every Friday afternoon or bringing breakfast tacos or donuts into the office on Monday morning to start the week off on the right foot.


If you have a regular team meeting, you can bring in a treat at each meeting as well. This does not have to be extravagant or expensive. Bagels with cream cheese in the morning, a tray of cookies in the afternoon or something similar are all affordable ideas.


When you are searching for a new office, you may consider how you can implement some of these great ideas if you choose the right space. Both indoor and outdoor spaces can be used strategically as venues for team building and morale-boosting events. A small office for rent that is located close to numerous restaurants, a park or other similar venues that could be used to host your special event. Need help finding an office? Check out our comprehensive FAQ on renting a small office.