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Looking for an office space in Houston area ? Workstyle can assist you in your search! We specialize in commercial office space for individuals, startups, entrepreneurs, and small businesses. We have some of the lowest priced office rates in Houston with flexible terms. Our portfolio of Houston executive suites for lease has an impressive collection of sleek, modern, and professional office spaces.
Why do so many people choose to rent Houston office space?

  • Houston ranks as the fifth-largest office market in the U.S. (with more than 210 million square feet of office space for lease)

  • Central Time Zone allows for optimal opportunities for communication with both coasts

  • Relatively inexpensive commercial real estate cost

  • Easy to find partners and customers with a diverse industry portfolio

Houston is one of the largest cities in the nation with well over 210 million square feet of office space. We also have some of the tallest office buildings in the nation. There are several thriving industries in Houston including hospitals and medical offices that are growing despite the fluctuations in the oil and gas markets. Thousands of companies seek out Houston due to its affordable residential, retail, and commercial real estate prices.


We work with both local and national companies to help them find amazing office spaces for entrepreneurs and established companies. By providing national access to any of our locations, we provide businesses with the flexibility to work and present to clients anywhere at any time. We have many locations in the Houston and Dallas markets to hold professional meetings.


This cosmopolitan city boasts a number of conveniences for business owners and entrepreneurs. Its location in the Central Time Zone allows for optimal opportunities for communication with both coasts. Houston also makes it easy to connect on a global level, thanks to two major airports in the city limits: George W. Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH) and Houston Hobby Airport (HOU). In addition, the Port of Houston ranks as the #1 U.S. port in foreign tonnage, making the city an international trading juggernaut.


New construction accounted for 3.7 million square feet of Houston office space in Q4 2015, which arrived on the market 50% leased. This contributed to a rising vacancy rate of around 15%. New Class A space came online with asking rents above the market average, causing an upward shift in Houston rents overall. For small businesses, startups, and freelancers, an alternative office space solution has become necessary to escape the rising rents of traditional office space.



Good teamwork is essential to the growth to both small and large businesses. We build out open, modern space to encourage collaboration and the spread of ideas. We believe that having a beautiful workspace goes a long way to keeping your team happy and cohesive. Our fully furnished lounges are a great place to build team chemistry and work on projects. There is free Wi-Fi and a self-serve coffee bar to keep your team awake and connected.


Globally, about half a million people work in flexible, or coworking, office spaces. With software company Intuit’s forecast that 40% of the American workforce will be freelancers, contractors, or temp workers by 2020, coworking space is quickly becoming the new normal for more and more people every year.


These shared office environments offer a number of benefits to small businesses, startups, freelancers, and professionals who frequently travel and work independently:

  • A community of professionals with whom to network, collaborate, and socialize;

  • An affordable alternative to a private office

  • Access to features not available in the typical home office

  • A sophisticated space in which to hold meetings and give presentations


Houston coworking space gets you into some of the most sought-after locations in the city, without the high rents and lengthy lease terms. Professionals in a wide variety of industries have embraced coworking, including lawyers, accountants, certain medical professionals, consultants, graphic designers, event planners, and many more!

16770 int Workstyle coffee huddle


We offer Workstyle suites in some of the biggest cities in the United States. We provide a number of options to meet your immediate needs and that exceed your high expectations.
If you’re from the following areas, you’re going to love the flexibility Workstyle offers:

• Houston. We have many private office locations in Houston, TX that are ready for move-in. With thriving industries such as energy, petrochemicals and aerospace, Houston is a great place to start and grow most business. To find a great Workstyle location, view the full list of suites available in Houston. We also have a large office campus located in the Energy Corridor in Houston.

• Atlanta. Upscale offices exist throughout Atlanta. The challenge is deciding what size best meets your needs. We offer choices that fit your unique needs. View the full list of Workstyle suites available in Atlanta.

• Dallas. Rent close to a major freeway for easy access. Your employees, clients, vendors, and business partners appreciate the gesture and shortened drive time. View the full list of suites available in Dallas.

• Denver. Why accept a stripped down version of your ideal office space when you can have a long list of amenities for the same price? We offer a high ROI on our executive office spaces. View the full list of executive suites available in Denver.

• New Jersey. Put your money to better use this year. Our suites start at $299/month in NJ. That type of bargain is practically unheard of currently! View the full list of executive suites available in New Jersey.

• Phoenix. Invite productivity and collaboration into your business. The right space offers comfort, convenience, and plenty of space to host meetings with the people that drive your business to succeed. View the full list of executive suites available in Phoenix.


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