Why Remote Employees Thrive in CoWorking Spaces

Why Remote Employees Thrive in CoWorking Spaces

Remote work is becoming increasingly popular in many industries, but sometimes employees grow tired of being alone while working in a remote location. They miss the company, the access to specific equipment and some might even miss bad office coffee. Instead of heading into a traditional office, the idea of a working from a coworking location is becoming a popular option. It’s such a booming industry that it’s expected that almost 44 million people will take advantage of coworking spaces available by 2020. Why? The benefits are staggering.

  1. Networking

One major benefit for remote employees in coworking spaces is the ability to spend time with like-minded people who also work remotely. Many of them work for different companies, in different industries and many even work for themselves. You get to know them, you get to work alongside them, and you get to network to expand your own career. With a remote coworking situation, employees get the chance to network on a regular basis while also working more productively and with more vigor.

  1. Collaboration

Collaboration is important in any industry, and that’s no exception for remote workers who might not be in the typical office space. What starts out as a simple executive suite for rent could turn into the collaboration that broadens your horizons and changes your business for the better, simply by working with others.

  1. The Best of Both Worlds

How a workspace fits into a company’s businesses model is an important factor for many organizations. Workstyle offers a dynamic solution to remote workers needing the privacy of an individual office space and the collaborative nature of a coworking environment. It’s a perfect solution for budget-minded businesses needing to provide their remote employees with amenities crucial to their operations including free Wi-Fi, conference rooms, huddle rooms, furnished collaborative lounges, coffee bars and access to Workstyle centers across the nation at no additional cost. Find a Workstyle center near you.

  1. Trying New Things

Working alongside like-minded entrepreneurs can help foster your creativity and inspire you to try new things. New things invite new knowledge, which then invites a new way of approaching work situations and problems head-on and with a fresh mindset. This benefits both employees and their employers significantly.

  1. Happier Employees

When people are given the opportunity to work outside of the office, but aren’t limited to only working from home, they’re much happier. There’s more freedom and flexibility in this situation, which leads to an increase in engagement and motivation among employees.

  1. Clearer Expectations

When a remote coworking situation is introduced, the expectations are much clearer. Bosses are not there to micromanage meaning they are better about being very clear on their expectations. In-turn employees understand exactly what is expected of them. It’s productive, it’s beneficial and it’s profitable.

Remote coworking is taking the world by storm. By doing the math, employers are beginning to understand how the operating costs, benefits and production levels can drastically improve when introducing a remote coworking location.


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