vrt clear lake office space

Workspace Wednesday: VRT’s Clear Lake Office Space

VRT’s Clear Lake Office Space

Vibrant with a hint of class, Kim McCright of VRT, LLC has really made her office space into something special. As the CEO and President of Verbatim Reporting & Transcription, Kim has made a name for herself because of her entrepreneurial spirit. Her other company was created to roll all of their technological components into, which is also called VRT: Verbatim Resource Technologies.

Their unique and colorful office design leaves a lasting impression and it’s one you won’t soon forget. And because Kim is often involved with the other tenants in the building, she has been designated by others (in 1322 Space Park Dr) as the mayor of the office building! We had a chance to sit down with the mayor to see how her business and office space have been.

Kim and Janet of VRT in Clear Lake

Kim (left) pictured with her partner in crime, Janet (right).

Tell us about VRT. What do you guys specialize in?

KM: Predominately, I guess you could say we’re a digital reporting and transcription firm and we specialize in consulting and software development. We work with the federal and state government, however, you wouldn’t think this is what we do because of what our office space looks like! We’re very forward thinking in the way our company approaches our industry. I can tell you, no one approaches it the same way we do!

This company has a true entrepreneurial spirit. It’s a very transparent company because we’re all about helping people one way or another. The core of our business was working with the courts. We’ve branched out by providing them consulting services. We’re also providing them software that we’ve developed here.

This has naturally progressed into helping smaller companies. VRT is all about assisting other businesses, which helps us grow as a company. It’s all technology based. Everybody can say they’re “technology”, however what we’ve done is add a slice of humanity to it. Technology is fantastic because the world moves on technology, but if you’re not careful, humanity can get lost in technology. I’ve made a conscious effort here at VRT to stop and take a second to talk to someone. If the phone rings, we answer it!

VRT Logo in their Clear Lake office space

What inspires you? What are you passionate about, Kim?

vrt's clear lake ofice 50 ft woman movie posterKM: Many years ago, I’ve owned several companies similar to VRT over the years. We had companies come to us with their ideas or issues and we would assist these small businesses within a specific region in the city. It’s become a passion of mine!

That’s how the incubator program started. When we started expanding our office space in clear lake, it enabled us to be able to continue the passion. In these particular instances, I find companies that are young and have only been around a short time. They might have a client base and good leadership behind them, but they’re not sure what to do with it. So what we do is bring them into our space and provide them the counseling they need to succeed in the business world. We teach them to be true to what they’re doing. We then introduce them to other companies in our incubator (potential key clients) that take them to the next level. We’re a matchmaker of companies!

What’s the history behind your business and how you got into it?

KM: I started VRT in 2005. It was the 4th company of its kind. A while back, I was a law clerk for a judge in Colorado Springs. In order to pay the bills, I took transcription home with me at night. One day I decided to try the “stay-at-home mom” thing. My original plan was to keep it a small company, but it donned on me, “If I can go out and get this work, somebody can go out and get my work, too!” So, I grew and grew the company until I eventually sold it. For a short time after that I came on as an acting CFO for mergers and acquisitions. But what I learned about myself is that I don’t work well for others as an employee.

vrt clear lake office space

What has your experience in the office space been so far?

vrt clear lake office entranceKM: Amazing! When I relocated to Texas 5 years ago, I converted the entire bottom half of my home into an office because I needed an office space. But it was missing the collaborative spirit that Workstyle was able to provide.

It was very fitting when we found this property (1322 Space Park Dr) because it fitted our business and the vibe we were trying to establish. It’s amazing because I feel like companies here can see and interact with each other. Here, businesses have a natural want to reach out and collaborate with others. It’s more than just a building and it’s more than just property management. There’s a culture.

How did you come to be at one of our Workstyle locations?

KM: I saw 1322 Space Park Dr before it was renovated. I checked out the specs online and decided to check it out. Before I signed the lease, League City actually approached me with an office space in one of their buildings. But the vibe wasn’t there! They just didn’t have what Boxer provided.

What do you find most beneficial about Workstyle?

KM: It’s fantastic! I love that the Workstyle gives tenants a feeling that they’re one of the big boys. The ability for businesses to collaborate with each other is an invaluable asset.

vrt clear lake office space have nerf guns

What are your top business goals for 2016?

KM: 2016 is a big year for VRT. Last year, we took on many prestigious tasks that were quite heavy and stressful. They were bringing down the morale of the whole team. I made the business decision to not rebid on those contacts so that our team can have more freedom. So a big goal for me is to put the proper management and staff in the right place.

A big goal for me is to continue the momentum we put in place in 2015: Launching all our applications, helping other companies, and rolling everything under one company, VRT. Continue the growth and work on people. We’re very technology based, however, 2016 struck me as the year that we need to remember the human side of technology.

vrt's clear lake office conference room
vrt's clear lake office space with yoda

For more information about Kim and VRT, contact:

Kimberly McCright

(281) 724-8600


Email: kimberly@verbatimrt.com