7 of the Tallest Office Buildings in Houston

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7 of the Tallest Office Buildings in Houston

With more than 2.2 million residents, Houston ranks as the 4th largest city in America. And first-time visitors won’t be here long before they learn that Texans pride themselves that “everything is bigger in Texas.” This also holds true for Houston office buildings. If you are a skyscraper, you are not considered “tall” unless you reach a minimum of 400 feet (120 meters). In fact, the tallest skyscraper in America, One World Trade Center, reaches 1,776 feet (541 meters).

While none of Houston’s skyscrapers can come close to topping that, the simple fact that one of our skyscrapers ranks 15th in the “tallest buildings in the United States” list and many others make the list is a point of city pride! Many of the office buildings on this list can be seen right outside your Houston executive suite, especially if you work in the downtown area. These amazing structures continue to attract tourists year after year.

1. JPMorgan Chase Tower (Tallest Houston Office Space Building)

JP Morgan Chase Tower in HoustonStanding at 1,002 feet (305 meters) tall, the JPMorgan Chase Tower literally dominates the Houston downtown skyline, a title it has successfully defended since it was completed in 1982. Not only is this it the 78th tallest building worldwide and the 15th tallest building in America, but it is the tallest building with 5 sides in America.

In addition to these 3 distinctions, the JPMorgan Chase Tower is also the tallest building in the Gulf Coast region and the tallest of all skyscrapers constructed during the 1980’s.



2. Wells Fargo Bank Plaza

Wells Fargo Bank Plaza in HoustonWells Fargo Bank Plaza takes 2nd instead of 1st place due to a difference of just 10 feet (3.04 meters)! Standing tall at 992 feet (302 meters), it weighs in as the 85th tallest building worldwide and the 17th tallest in the United States.

The Wells Fargo Bank Plaza skyscraper is a near neighbor to the JPMorgan Chase Tower in Houston’s downtown skyline.



3. Williams Tower

Williams Tower in HoustonThe Williams Tower (formerly Transco Tower) may be mighty tall indeed at 901 feet (275 meters), but more than its height, it is even better known for its proximity to the international tourist attraction, the Gerald D. Hines Waterwall Park.

The Williams Tower is the 3rd tallest office building in Houston and occupies a prominent part of the Houston business district skyline, about 10 miles from downtown Houston.



4. Bank of America Center

Bank of America Center in HoustonThe Bank of America Center is the 4th tallest skyscraper in Houston and the first to drop below 900 feet (274 meters). At 780 feet (238 meters), it seems almost short on office space compared with its 3 closest competitors!

But it is still a mighty sight – and the 65th tallest building in America to boot.



5. Heritage Plaza

Heritage Plaza in HoustonHouston’s Heritage Plaza stands a mere 18 feet (5.5 meters) beneath the Bank of America Center, making it the 5th tallest Houston skyscraper at 762 feet (232 meters) as well as the 76th tallest skyscraper in America.




6. Enterprise Plaza

Enterprise Plaza in HoustonEnterprise Plaza was actually the reigning tallest skyscraper in Houston for two glorious years (1980 to 1982) until construction of Houston’s current champ was completed.

The skyscraper stands at 750 feet (230 meters) in the center of downtown Houston’s energy corridor and occupies a permanent spot in the city’s vibrant skyline.



7. Centerpoint Energy Plaza

Centerpoint Energy Plaza in HoustonFinally, coming in as the 7th tallest Houston skyscraper, the Centerpoint Energy Plaza stands 741 feet (226 meters) high and was originally just 651 feet (98 meters).

Then, in 1996, an extra 90 feet (27 meters) of office space was added, and the Plaza shot up 8 places on the Houston ranking list. Currently, it is listed as the 96th tallest American skyscraper. Centerpoint Energy Plaza is another staple office building in the gorgeous Houston downtown skyline.

These 7 skyscrapers are part of what makes Houston the great city that it is, and also the reason photographers visit from around the world to photograph the beautiful downtown skyline. As Houston continues to grow and expand, the skyline reminds residents of the city’s rich and vibrant history as well as great things yet to come.

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