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6 Reasons Collaborative Spaces are Perfect for Startups

Reasons Collaborative Spaces are Perfect for Startups

If you’ve ever tried to work your way into the world of the startup business, then you understand the high level of support that you need. You may be quite technically proficient in your field; however, there are very few companies that will ever get off of the ground without the proper connections. Collaborative spaces are a great way to get your ideas heard by the right people and make them happen more quickly than you could by yourself. Here are six of the top reasons that your startup business can benefit from a collaborative space.

6 Reasons Collaborative Spaces are Perfect for Startups #1

Ideas can be vetted much faster

startups-collaborative-spaces-ideasA huge part of startups is getting through all of the bad ideas quickly so that you can start dealing with the few that will actually form the basis for a viable business. With other people around you who are in the same headspace that you are in, you will not be able to get away with any half-cocked ideas about what you think will work. People with experience will be able to tell you the reasons behind certain ideas not working, and you can pivot your company from there.

6 Reasons Collaborative Spaces are Perfect for Startups #2

You gain the luxury of failing quickly

startups-collaborative-spaces-failedIn order to get to the best ideas, you will likely have to test many different iterations of your business on people with a strong opinion. You can find these people inside of a collaborative space very easily. With this kind of talent at your fingertips, your bad ideas will fail quickly instead of lingering on in your head and draining your resources. You will be much more easily able to get to your ideas that will actually work.

6 Reasons Collaborative Spaces are Perfect for Startups #3

You can maintain an office space separate from your living space

startups-collaborative-spaces-living-spaceHaving a small office that you can go to in order to focus on your work can make all of the difference in your timeline. If you’re working from home, cities that are large in size and scope (such as Houston, New York, or Chicago) will have too many distractions for you to focus in a meaningful way. Many companies die on the drawing board because of a bottleneck that requires focused thinking in order to get through. People are never able to get through these bottlenecks because there are always more attractive and immediate options calling.

6 Reasons Collaborative Spaces are Perfect for Startups #4

Collaborative spaces allow you to share the financial burden of overhead with others

startups-collaborative-spaces-financialStartup companies usually do not have a great deal of room for bloat in the overhead expenses. The more that you can save on the resources that you need, the better. Sharing the collaborative space will also ensure that you share the expense of that space with everyone who is working on the project. No one will be able to free ride on the backs of others, a practice that can kill an idea just as quickly as lack of funding or proper education.

6 Reasons Collaborative Spaces are Perfect for Startups #5

Although a collaborative space may be a small office, it won’t be a cheap office

startups-collaborative-spaces-officeThe shared resources that are in a collaborative space benefit everyone in the working environment without becoming a burden on any one person within the space. For instance, if you cannot afford a 3D printer, starting a relationship with a collaborative space that has one will help you tremendously. You will not have to pay the overhead costs of the printer; you simply use it when you need to. The same goes for many other office expenses such as printers, scanners and other office engineering tools. This is a much affordable option than having to purchase all of these amenities for your own office only to find that you are only using a piece of equipment once a week. View all the amenities Workstyle has to offer (most are free).

6 Reasons Collaborative Spaces are Perfect for Startups #6

Your workstyle changes drastically when you’re around people with the same mindset of profitability

startups-collaborative-spaces-mindsetEveryone has a different type of mindset when it comes to getting the work done in a business setting. However, most people work best when they are surrounded by other people who are also working. Even people who find it easier to work by themselves will be much more likely to finish a productive day when there are other people within a physical proximity of them who are also working.

It is often stated that if you are swimming with people who are faster than you, you will eventually become just as fast as them. The same principle works in the world of startup companies – if you’re around people who are always on the go in the business world, then your own productivity will speed up in order to match theirs. There are many aspects as to why this occurs: People like to fit into their surroundings, there is a natural form of competition that begins to occur, and there may be real money on the line.

Although there are many other reasons that you may want to become involved with a collaborative space, these six reasons are certainly enough to benefit any company. There is virtually no downside to a startup joining a good collaborative space, and if you’ve been thinking about it, now’s the time to give it a shot (visit our FAQ page on how to rent a small office). Your next idea will certainly be your best idea if you run it by other great minds, and it is much easier to find those great minds inside of a collaborative space than it is at home!