First Startup Office Space Tips

First Startup Office Space Tips

There’s one thing everyone should understand during their first year working at a startup office space and that it’s not right for all people. However, the only way to figure out if this is the right option for you is to get to work. You’ll need a lot of dedication, willingness to put in hard work, the ability to have some grasp of strategizing the future. Not only will these strengths help your startup office space but they will help keep you standing tall.

In addition to any accomplishments you could have achieved by an outside organization, how much success you achieve in your startup is entirely dependent on you. No matter if you have the intention of becoming a part of a startup following a career in a large corporation or if this is your first attempt working at one, here is information you should consider throughout your first year to see success.

Startup Tips

1. Start Small in a Startup Office Space

During your earliest experiences working at a startup, you may not be a full-time player in the beginning. When you begin your search for a startup that fits your skill set, you may not find one that’s an exact match. Therefore, it’s essential to find one whereby you can make a valuable contribution. For example, you can offer to work on a freelance or part-time basis as a means of getting your foot in the door. Some startup companies may not have a large enough budget, for example, to hire a full-time social media consultant.

However, if you’re passionate about providing this service, you can offer assistance to the company on nights and weekends to help build the company’s online presence on various platforms. This effort shows your value, and they’ll remember your work in the future. Sometimes interns begin in this manner and, in a matter of six months, they’re working on marketing campaigns in a full-time capacity.

We learned that if you’re in Houston and potential candidates prove they want to be part of a startup team, a executive suite will organically develop for them. It’s critical that you prove you’re worth a damn and can add value in a real way, though, and get in on the ground floor, start small, and show the startup company what you can do.

startup office tip start small

Every large business has a humble beginning. Our Workstyle spaces allow small businesses to quickly expand as they need more space.

2. You’re Entitled to Nothing… Ever!

Despite their entrepreneurial mystique, a startup has absolutely nothing in them for you and you can’t go into them asking that question. Otherwise, you’re going into them with an attitude of entitlement, and this is wrong. You’re owed nothing by this startup company, and this is the attitude you should be entering into this relationship with from the very beginning.

When entering into a startup culture, the company’s needs must be put first. That means putting your career needs, as well as your ambitions last. At all times. The Startup Institute released a survey in 2015, and when entrepreneurial leaders listed what they looked for as a top quality in their employees, they stated that it’s their willingness to put the needs of the company ahead of their goals. Yes, this trait is the most desired in a startup office space.

What that boils down to is working with a team of equals who will get the job done and believes not task performed is considered below their pay grade. Take, for example, something as simple as taking out the trash. When working for a startup, this is something that even a CEO will partake in because it’s a team duty. Another example is how customer service is handled in some startup companies. If there’s a busy holiday where many customers need representation, all hands on deck including coders, and creatives will help out. It’s critical for every employee to work as a team no matter the circumstance or task at hand with a positive attitude, according to a study in 2014 by Millenial Branding and

Despite what is written on your resume, if your team needs you to take on a task, you must be willing to help the startup attain success. It’s not about you achieving success, but the startup doing so. This effort means working on these tasks without grumbling or making complaints. No, this isn’t going to be easy and yes, it’s hard work. However, you will achieve success right alongside the company.

3. Accomplish Something Every Day

It’s no mystery that startups typically work on a shoestring budget and need to accomplish epic things for pennies on the dollar. What this means is you have to be part of those epic scenarios every single chance you get every single day. Often, this also means you’ll be working beyond the scope of your job description and proving your value beyond what is written on your paycheck.

When you look at each of these efforts as an investment in your career, they will pay off in the long-run. Therefore, it’s imperative for you to be the best you can be at your job from day one. During this first year, every task that’s thrown at you in the startup office space should be taken on and done well. Upon finishing, immediately ask for more work.

Before you know it, you’ll get the hang of this routine, and you’ll be able to seek out ways to add value to the company beyond the initial role you’ve been assigned. For example, you can add value by setting up the company’s social media page, organizing an event to help draw attention to a campaign, or cook a casserole for your coworkers during a late night session. By adding your knowledge or skills to the table, this means it’s one less employee or effort the startup must attempt to find.

Through the continuous proving of how much of an excellent return on the investment you are to the company, the larger role you will naturally develop as the startup continues scaling up.

office startup tip accomplish something

Startup Office Tip: Try to get a “win” everyday – even if it’s something small.

4. Don’t Lose Faith

According to a survey in 2015 by Virgin Pulse, the main reason 38% of employees have a love for their company is for their mission. Do you want to become part of the startup’s culture? To do so, you must have a deep commitment to their mission and everything they’re attempting to accomplish.

Without making this effort, success may not be on your side. Additionally, this attitude could cause issues with the company’s success as a whole. Consistently keep yourself reminded of why you became interested in this startup office space initially. You’re going to experience times when you’re feeling underappreciated, tired, underpaid, and overworked. These are tests of your commitment and, to achieve success in any startup, you must have the gusto to pass them. The goals and core values of the company are what helps make all of this hard work worth every one of these tests.

However, if you’ve found yourself overly enthusiastic throughout the first year of working for the startup, even after giving it your all, don’t take on a defeatist attitude. Remember, this isn’t for everyone. It’s just time to admit this isn’t for you, it’s time to wave the white flag, and it’s time to retreat.

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