Houston Office Space of the Week: Soar Payments

Houston Office Space of the Week: Soar Payments

Within a very short amount of time, Soar Payments has reached an incredible altitude. It’s safe to say that Rich McIver, CEO of Soar Payments, has been quite busy as their business has expanded rapidly, so much that they needed to move their headquarters into a larger executive suite in Houston Located in the Greenspoint area of Houston (507 N Sam Houston Parkway), they started out in a small private office but have quickly outgrown the space as their business started providing high risk merchant services. We caught up with Rich to get the lowdown on how Soar Payments grew as fast as they did.

Soar Payments' Houston Office Space

Rich McIver, CEO of Soar Payments

What’s the history behind your business and how you got into it?

RM: Soar Payments was founded based on customer demand. We were operating in the low risk merchant services space, providing credit card processing solutions to small businesses in the Houston area.

Increasingly, however, we were approached by high-risk businesses who, because of their industry or credit history, couldn’t qualify for low risk processing. Based on my conversations with those merchants, the options for high risk merchant services at that time were all very expensive, lacking in customer service, and nobody was offering industry specific solutions.

So, we pivoted our business based on that need, and have had a ton of success focusing almost exclusively on high risk merchant service, and providing industry specific solutions that are far more comprehensive than other high risk merchant account providers.

Soar Payments' Office Space at 507 N Sam Houston

Soar Payments’ Houston Office Space

What has your experience in the office space been so far?

RM: Our experience in Workstyle has been great thus far. With our growth rate, an inflexible long lease would never have worked for our business. By contrast, we’ve expanded offices twice in the last year alone, and each time has been seamless and easy, due in large part to the way Workstyle works with tenants. Moreover, the fact that the offices are pre-built out in a modern and high-quality way, has meant that we haven’t had to go through traditional lengthy and expensive build out processes.

How did you come to be at one of our Workstyle locations?

RM: As a fast growing business, we’ve prioritized flexibility in our office leases. So the opportunity to office at Workstyle makes perfect sense for us, because of the shorter lease lengths, and the ability to grow into new offices. Frankly, if those are your priorities, there simply is no comparison, Workstyle has the market cornered.

Tell us about yourself and what you like to do outside the office.

RM: I’m a father of two young children, so our weekends are pretty full with them. When we have free time, my wife and I like going to the beach in Galveston, and supporting the University of Notre Dame which we both attended as undergraduates.

Houston Conference Room
Houston Collaborative Space

How effective is Workstyle at meeting your needs and what do you find most beneficial about it?

RM: Workstyle has met our needs for a flexible office rental term, plus the offices come pre-built out in a modern style that suits our needs and eliminates the need for a costly build out.

What are your top business goals for 2016?

RM: In 2016, we want to firmly establish ourselves as the best high risk merchant account provider by continuing to expand the range and quality of our banking and processor relationships, the comprehensiveness of our industry specific processing solutions, while maintaining the level of hands on customer service that our customers have thus far appreciated.

For more information about Soar Payments:

Phone: 1-888-225-9405

Website: http://www.soarpay.com/