Top 25 Small Businesses to Launch in 2016 [Free ebook]

You’ll know the startup costs of each business and the degree of difficulty to pull it off!

A great resource for entrepreneurs and risk takers, everywhere!

One-third of the nation’s workforce now works as freelancers, which includes independent contractors, moonlighters, and temporary workers. More and more people are ditching the confines of corporate America for the freedom to work when and where they want, set their own rates and rules, and do the type of work they find most satisfying. We’ve done the dirty work and compiled the best of the best business ideas of 2016. We let you know the startup costs of each profession and the degree of difficulty. Let this be your ultimate guide to entrepreneurial success!

What You’ll Find in this Ebook:

A researched list of the top businesses of 2016

Businesses categorized by industry

A degree of difficulty rating per business

Startup cost of each profession

Here’s a Sneak Peek

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