Workspace Wednesday: Robbin Shavaugn’s Events Houston Office Space

723 Main Street Robbin Shavaugn Events

Workspace Wednesday: Robbin Shavaugn’s Events Houston Office Space

How do you go from teacher to event planner? Robbin Clay says the transition is a lot smoother than you think. Being a former teacher herself, she’s seamlessly transferred her honed teaching skills to pursue her other passion: event planning. Having started her business recently (located at 723 Main Street, Houston, TX), Robbin Shavaugn Events is set out to disrupt the event planning industry with their unique approach and eloquent style. We chatted with Robbin in his office space for lease Houston to find out more about her business and to see how Workstyle has assisted her with along the way.

Tell us about yourself and Robbin Shavaugn Events.

723 main street robbin shavaugn events servicesRC: Robbin Shavaugn Events is a full service event planning firm specializing in strategic event planning and creative delivery of weddings, corporate and private events, social soirées, and concierge services. Basically, anything that pertains to planning, executing, and producing an event, we specialize in it. We’re not just a local company either – we’ll travel far and wide to accommodate our clients. We execute global programs using our developed relationships with vendors across the globe. We are absolutely passionate about creating classic moments.

We are actually hosting a launch event for the company on Friday, February 5th, 2016 at 7:30 pm. Located at 723 Main Street, it’s going to be a fun cocktail/mix and mingle event!

It’ll give everyone a chance to network, check out our office space, and solicit any questions they have with information about the professional event planning services we offer. This will be a way for us to represent what the company is about all while networking and getting to know our neighbors. If anyone has any corporate event needs, they can come see what we’re able to do for their company.

We encourage everyone in the building to come by and say hi! We’d love to meet you!

723 main street robbin shavaugn events collaborative space

What’s the history behind your business and how you got into it?

RC: Robbin Shavaugn Events was birthed from us always having a knack for planning events. Not as a business, but rather from us always being able to plan and coordinate events well.

My former profession was actually in education. As you can imagine, teaching and event planning go hand-in-hand. Leadership, effective communication, planning – many of these skills naturally transferred to my event planning career. My last teaching job was actually last school year and I didn’t return for the fall semester.

We officially moved into the building on December 1st. So during that downtime, a lot of work went into setting the foundation for the business. We worked on structuring, planning, researching, and trying to find an office space during that time. But it was also important to find what our niche would be. That downtime was spent researching, planning, and now… executing!

I really took a leap of faith to pursue making something that I’m naturally good at, a business. Now that we’re here, we’re positioning ourselves to really make a mark on the industry!

723 main street robbin shavaugn events executive suite

What has your experience in the office space been so far?

RC: It’s been great! We’ve been very busy getting our business set up. I love the space. I love that it’s centrally located, which was one of the main reason I decided to go with 723 Main Street. We were looking for a location that was nearby other corporations downtown so that we can easily cater to them. Being directly across the street from the JW Marriott hotel is also a great plus!

How effective is Workstyle at meeting your needs and what do you find most beneficial about it?

RC: I like that it offers the common amenities. It’s great for small business owners who don’t have the capacity or revenue for a full office that offers a conference room and waiting area. It’s perfect for a business such as mine because being able to use those amenities at my discretion is crucial to me. That’s something I really enjoy.

723 main street robbin shavaugn events workstyle

What are your top business goals for 2016?

RC: We believe that it’s important to establish the identity of the brand within the industry! Building a brand and developing a voice is one of the most important things you can do when starting a business. Another top goal of ours is to generate and increase our revenue and gain new clients.

For more information about Robbin Shavaugn Events and the event planning services they provide, contact:

Robbin Clay

Phone: (832) 882-9174