How Property Managers Can Improve Tenant Relations With A Spooky Halloween Event

How Property Managers Can Improve Tenant Relations With A Spooky Halloween Event

Although it feels like a holiday rife with liability concerns, vandalism and complaints, Halloween doesn’t have to be a stressful time for property managers of commercial office buildings. For proactive property managers, Halloween can be transformed into a great opportunity—and all those headaches can be minimized or eliminated. Here are just a few of the benefits a property manager might gain through hosting a fun and spooky Halloween event for their clients.

Tenant Safety Awareness

Your tenants will be safer at events you’re hosting, and their children will be safer trick or treating under pre-approved circumstances in a controlled environment. Bringing the hammer down on all parties can be unpleasant for any office excited to have some fun, but letting them cut lose without restriction on your property is risky. Isn’t it best if you host one for the building, so you can control the alcohol, noise, and disruption?

It also helps you to keep an eye out for potential vandalism of your property and/or your tenants’ property, and generally protect yourself against the worries of a rambunctious Halloween while your offices sit empty.

Risk Management

Many property managers view Halloween events as liability waiting to happen, but liability exists whether you take action or not. If something happens to your tenants during the holiday, the question immediately becomes one of whether you took appropriate actions to prevent what happened.

It’s a lot easier to take thorough action against risks—and create a document trail proving you did so—if you seize control of the holiday festivities by hosting your own party, putting together rules holiday events, or arrange for additional scrutiny or security alongside the fun.

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Improved Customer Relationships

Tenants tend to sour on their property managers over the course of their tenancy, as a natural matter of course. It’s hard to prevent; rent is often a significant source of stress, and any time something goes wrong you get the blame even if your team acts quickly. For this reason, anything you can do to strengthen your bond with your tenants outside of normal interactions is worthwhile.

When your tenants think about their experiences with their office space, or tell your friends about them, what do you want coming to mind? The rent that sometimes feels a bit high, that time maintenance took five visits to fix the water heater, the noisy construction next door? Or the awesome Halloween party, the way you helped organize trick-or-treating to keep their kids safe, and the fun sense of community that springs up around each holiday?

Happy tenants are well worth the investment you’ll make in your Halloween events, for all these reasons and more.

Marketing Value

Being the commercial space with a strong sense of community, great parties, and fun special events offers a lot to your marketing. It’s something you can include on your social media, something your tenants will pass along as word-of-mouth to friends and acquaintances, something you can slip into marketing materials.

Certain contests and events will even work directly as marketing. A contest to decorate doors or carve the most impressive pumpkin can make your complex look amazing to visiting potential tenants—and if you really go the extra mile, you might get some coverage from local news or event websites that can prove valuable.

A Halloween party is an excellent event for property managers, especially if you go the extra mile on decorations or entertainment. Depending on what sorts of tenants you have, you’ll want to divide the party accordingly; maybe your tenants will have the most fun with scary movies in costumes, or maybe you’ll want to separate invite adults for a wine tasting and set something up so their kids can have fun somewhere else. Here are four ways to seize control of the holiday and turn it into something great for your property.

Costume Contest

A nice Halloween-themed contest can also work wonders for bringing a bit of spice to your tenants’ October. There are plenty of directions you can go; door decorating, costume shows, jack-o-lantern carving, and trick-or-treat experiences all offer great avenues for competition. Offer a bit of fame, some credit towards rent, or something appropriate to the holiday as a reward. Convince someone to sponsor everything to save money on prizes.

Costume Exchanges

This is more on the pragmatic end of things, so it works well in concert with flashier, more entertaining events. It can be a big help for your tenants if they can drop by after hours to trade costumes or find that one piece missing from their perfect ensemble. Busy parents will be glad to get costumes taken care of without extra trips after work, while enthusiasts going to costume parties will be glad to save a few bucks.

Organize Trick-or-Treating for Tenants’ Kids

This might seem like a terrible idea, but giving your tenants somewhere safe to bring their kids to trick or treat can work wonders for how your tenants perceive your office space. Designated trick-or-treat hours, rules for knocking, and rules for candies and costumes can all help keep the holiday organized and safe—and liability controlled–without compromising fun for the kids and parents.

You can make sure tenants who don’t want to participate in the holiday feel a lot better about the whole arrangement, by putting together a curated list of participating offices and making sure parents guide their children accordingly.

Some offices may even enjoy trick or treating for their own sake, which can be a different source of fun.


Don’t be afraid to reach out to local businesses during the Halloween season and secure a few interesting partnerships. Not only will you be able to put on more interesting events this way without using up extra resources, it’ll leave a lasting impression on your tenants. It might even be an opportunity to make some extra money, depending on the details of the partnership!

You can also work alongside local non-profit and governmental agencies to give safety classes or set up additional security during Halloween, if you think it’s necessary. Parents will appreciate the chance to learn what to look for and how to keep their kids safe as they trick-or-treat.

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