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Executive Suites for Rent 7676 Hillmont Houston, TX 77040 by Workstyle. Find private, coworking, and collaborative spaces for rent.



Executive Suite Property Details

Are you a thriving business professional looking for an executive suite for rent in Houston, TX? Every business owner needs a great office space with sophistication and professionalism. And it can take time to locate that ideal suite. More importantly, a location with an affordable office space for rent that still provides ample room and amenities narrows the search even further.


Texas entrepreneurs setting up shop or relocating to the region can benefit from the stylish executive suites in Northwest Crossing II, at 7676 Hillmont Street, Houston, TX. This location not only provides a solution to bridge style and comfort, but includes all the amenities your working space needs.


Even though there are countless work spaces in Houston, your decision to rent should include necessities that allow your business to perform at its maximum efficiency. Should you select a traditional, but cheap office area, it may lack certain amenities; and renting a bare space that you build-in requires additional time and resources to customize the space to your specifications.


Have you considered a workstyle office solution with co-working spaces that meets all your suite amenities? Northwest Crossing is the location you need to grow your business. The customized spaces are structured for your needs whether a small office or mid-size company. The building is centrally located near the interstate, shopping, and dining. The secured structure protects your business with surveillance cameras and twenty-four hour key card access to your office.


The concept of coworking spaces blends traditional rooms (i.e. private rooms with one large conference area) and creates an environment that increases productivity by allowing employees to collaborate freely in an open setting. With this ultimate space, it still allows for executive privacy, but also includes an open area for working stations or desks that are not confined by walls or temporary partitions.


Executive Suite Amenities at 7676 Hillmont

Along with the open air solution of co-working, this office for rent is brimming with numerous amenities. Here a few of the features:


  • Foyer. The foyer opens into a beautiful garden display boasting of tropical and interior plants that create a calming present while adding oxygen to the environment.
  • Internet Access. Unlike low budget leases that do not include internet service, WiFi is included throughout your working area, conference rooms, and private offices.
  • Maintenance. Should a service concern arise in your suite, an on-site property management staff member is available to quickly resolve the issue.
  • Events. Not only is the workstyle space convenient for your staff, but an additional and separate space is offered for events. Should you choose to host a company luncheon or entertain potential clients, use the event room to host your gathering and show off your talents.


Our commercial real estate experts and onsite community managersĀ are happy to answer any questions you may have about executive suites for rent in Houston, TX.