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Executive Suites for Rent 7322-7324 Southwest Freeway

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Executive Suites for Rent 7322-7324 Southwest Freeway,  Houston, TX 77074 by Workstyle. Find private, coworking, and flexible spaces for rent.


Executive Suite Property Details

With this executive office for rent in Houston, Texas, any business can benefit from the square footage: 833,643. Available through Workstyle, this complex located at 7322-7324 Southwest Freeway features twin buildings with twenty-one stories each. Beautiful landscaping meets the eye upon pulling up to the buildings with trimmed hedges and an array of flowers along the walkway. The large complimentary lobbies of the buildings give just a glimmer of the coming grandeur inside. Your company will also enjoy a myriad of amenities.


Pulling from the buildings themselves for a moment, the accessibility is great. Whether coming off the Beltway 8 or Westpark Tollway the buildings are easy to see and close. The actual location is right off US-59 between Fondren Road and Bellaire Boulevard. Wherever your employees are coming from they will be able to find the building easily.


Executive Suite Amenities at 7322-7324 Southwest Freeway

Internet services and drop boxes from three of the biggest shipping companies are only a couple and are among the most important. Home internet is expensive; any executive who has had to supply their own internet for the company knows it is well over three hundred dollars at times. Not only will you save there, but the drop boxes mean your employees don’t have to drive their cars everywhere and need more gas money.


A parking garage with key cards ensures that your employees will be able to find parking close to the building and make it to work on time, especially if they have little ones. If daycare is not an option at home for employees, the daycare center will be a relief to them. How many affordable offices can boast that?


Other amenities include same-day maintenance and a twenty-four-hour patrol. With soaring temperatures in the summer, office spaces in Houston need air conditioning. Should yours break down there will be an engineer onsite at all times to help ensure that your business runs smoothly all year round. The patrol gives peace of mind in knowing that there’s little to no chance of something going horribly awry.


The office doesn’t have to close at five any longer: the buildings are available for work twenty-four hours a day. With that all-important project coming up on a deadline, pushing the office hours even half an hour longer is possible without planning five weeks in advance. You will never have to worry about half-finished, sloppy work at the end rush with this amenity. The same thing goes for any space offered by Workstyle: employees can work in any building in the nation for no cost. This may ensure the project hits the deadline with every single piece it needs.


In addition to these amenities to give employees the motivation to work, the onsite coffee bar and deli will ensure that they can focus. Having wonderful scenery outside is helpful as well because natural green helps employees relax. Nothing’s better at noon than a nice break, after all.


Whether you’re looking for a small office or just office space in Houston, Texas, Workstyle can suffice with the Arena Towers location. The amenities, team of engineers and management, and location of the buildings optimize the space available and allow a wonderful change from the cramped office building you might be yearning to get out of.