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Commercial Real Estate in Phoenix

Today, sunny Phoenix in Central Arizona offers one of the best locations for business operations. The average weather in the city ranges seasonally from 84 to 106 degrees Fahrenheit in July to a mild 45 to 66 degrees Fahrenheit in December. Your employees won’t need to worry about traveling through snow and ice to reach their work sites in this locale.


And Arizona offers several other advantages for enterprise activities, as well. With affordable Phoenix downtown commercial space renting at just a quarter of the prices in San Francisco, an increasing number of high tech firms find this large, bustling Southwestern city attractive as a business center.


Greater Phoenix now ranks ahead of Silicon Valley as a rapidly-growing urban location for jobs in high technology. Between 2012 and 2014, an incredible 12,662 new tech positions opened in Arizona’s Central Valley. This type of rock-solid growth helps startups blossom quickly into well established ventures.


Your company will appreciate the supportive business community in Arizona. Numerous international firms have located their corporate headquarters in the State of Arizona. The Greater Phoenix Metropolitan area offers the well-developed infrastructure required to sustain productive commerce.


Today, some experts believe Phoenix, Arizona provides one of the most attractive profiles for business in the entire United States. Why? Between 1990 and 2000, Arizona enjoyed the distinction of growing at the second highest rate in population of any state in the entire nation. By 2002, Phoenix had become the sixth largest major city in the USA.

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The recession slowed growth considerably in Arizona. Yet today this area enjoys a vital rebound. With nearly 4.5 million people residing in the Phoenix metro area, growth in 2014 increased by only 2.8%. The anticipated full economic recovery has not resurged as fast as some experts predicted, meaning that some incredible property values now exist in this vital region.


Foreclosures reportedly dropped by 43% during the past year. Housing prices for median priced homes began drifting upwards. Between January, 2014 and January, 2015 residential property values rose by 5.6%. Average prices for townhomes and condos resurged by 11.6 % during the same period. These trends suggest that Phoenix still offers a very affordable city for relocating companies and their employees.


The excellent schools, hospitals, shopping centers, entertainment and public facilities in the Greater Phoenix metro area appeal to numerous households. With a solid infrastructure, the commercial real estate market at this time holds benefits for companies that reserve office space in Workstyle buildings.

Phoenix Office Space Considerations

Today, the average commercial prices of office space in Phoenix varies by industry sector and location. Maricopa County and the adjoining Central Valley boast several of the most rapidly growing communities in the nation. From Phoenix itself, to nearby Mesa, Glendale, Tempe, Chandler, Scottsdale and Peoria, the lovely communities of Central Arizona appeal to many businesses. This type of development bodes well for commercial rental activity in the region.


You’ll discover a wide array of high value floor plans when you visit a Workstyle location. Don’t let your company miss the opportunity to join other tenants in reserving a choice location in the vibrant Greater Phoenix metro area. Workstyle office spaces all share some features in common. With an innovative, fun ambiance and style, your enterprise enjoys a prestige address when you move into one of these remarkable offices. To locate the best Executive Suite for your company soon, visit one of these power locations today!


Great Neighborhoods for Entrepreneurs

Phoenix has some amazing places where collaborators and entrepreneurs can get together. We create fun and open work spaces to help facilitate some of the communities and relationships that often grow from entrepreneur groups. Read about the best neighborhoods for entrepreneurs in Phoenix.