10 Small Office Hacks to Increase Space and Happiness!

Looking to get a little more room out of your workspace? Here are 10 small office hacks to increase space! Optimizing your work environment can be achieved effectively by performing small office hacks. Doing more with less is one way to stay within your budget and still have an awesome office in Houston (View all executive suites in Houston). Utilizing the workstyle office environment is another way to get more out of the space you have to contend with. Shared amenities in this type of multi-use environment will give your business the most options. In today’s economy, renting an office in Houston is all that many small businesses can aspire to do, at least in the beginning (check our Frequently Asked Questions page about renting a small office).

But never fear! Here are tips and tricks that will make you think your office is much roomier than you expected. There are lots of small office hacks to help you be creative with what you have, so we’ll concentrate on the top ten hacks for renting a small office in Houston.

10 Small Office Hacks to Increase Space #1

Stay Organized!

“A place for everything and everything in its place” may be an old adage but it makes a lot of sense. Cluttered spaces always look smaller, so keep things put away when they’re not being used. This will go a long way toward giving your small office the appearance of spaciousness. How do you find a place for everything? Three words sum it up: organizers, organizers, organizers! You can find hanging, stacking and desktop organizers and even over-the-door and under-the-desk organizers. This will not only make your office look better but will help you to work more efficiently.


10 Small Office Hacks to Increase Space #2

Select the Right Furnishings

First of all, you probably won’t want a huge leather sofa in your office. But it is possible to have a slim profile love seat or sofa that doesn’t take up too much room. Choose your desk and chair with an eye to utility and comfort, but also consider how much space they will take up in the office. Multi-use furnishings can also give you more room. If you need a second work station, consider getting a hideaway model that closes up into a cabinet when not being used. And a rolling file cabinet can double as an end table or a printer stand.

10 Small Office Hacks to Increase Space #3

Opt for Strategic Lighting

A dim office space seems smaller, so make use of the light you have. Windows appear larger if drapes or blinds are mounted far enough above them expose all of the glass. Let every bit of the available light into the room! If you don’t have a window, track lighting gives a softer look to your office than harsh overhead lighting and it can be adjusted to suit your needs. For close work, a slim-line desk lamp will give the extra light you need.

10 Small Office Hacks to Increase Space #4

Choose the Right Layout


One tip for making the most of your space is to place furniture on the edges of the walls. When all of the open space is concentrated in one area it makes a small office seem less confining. An area rug placed strategically can also draw the eye and expand the horizon. Use wall decorations sparingly to avoid a cluttered look. One high quality painting will look better than a wall full of diplomas and awards. There are many designs available in desks, including corner desks with room for office equipment and storage. Whether you are going with a modern or traditional look, you can find the right desk to fit in with the layout of your office.

10 Small Office Hacks to Increase Space #5

Be Savvy with Color

Wall color can make a surprising difference in a small office. Try painting one wall a color that coordinates with the furnishings and leaving the other walls off-white for a spacious feeling. Bold colors are perfectly fine for a small space as long as you don’t go overboard. Choosing a darker color for one or two walls can give the illusion of depth in a small office space. Adding a luxurious glossy lacquer gives the office an upscale look and draws the eye around the room. Remember that less is more with color accents. A throw pillow or lamp in a coordinating color will go a long way toward creating a cohesive style in your small office.

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10 Small Office Hacks to Increase Space #6

Don’t Forget Design Appeal

Make sure that your office design is cohesive, with furnishings coordinated to go well with each other. Since you don’t have to find a ton of office furniture and fixtures, go with the very best you can afford. It will make a difference. Chair rail molding can make a small space look elegant. This can be an inexpensive do-it-yourself project that helps bring together the style you are striving to achieve. Some offices have one wall color above the rail and a different color of paint or wallpaper below the rail. One tip for stretching your office décor budget is to buy quality second hand furnishings. Craig’s List often has great deals and you can find hidden treasures at the local thrift shops.

10 Small Office Hacks to Increase Space #7

Store Your Stuff Smartly

Cables and electrical cords strung out along the walls don’t make a very good first impression. And having every surface covered with scanner, printer, office tools and coffee maker can make a small office look more like a break room. One solution is to use hideaway storage for a sleek, professional look. There are many options available for hiding unsightly clutter, including cable clips and appliance garages. Shelves and cabinets are your friends! A lot of the things that might clutter up the office can live there. Find a cabinet organizer with adjustable shelves, to help you store more items. If you use various small things fairly often, consider putting them on a tray that you can pull out and use, then slide back in.

10 Small Office Hacks to Increase Space #8

Pay Attention to Ergonomics

There is no need for eye strain, a stiff neck or an aching back after a long day at the office. In the past few years, experts have begun to recommend that chairs, keyboards, monitors and other office equipment be adjusted to take into account the physical comfort of the user. In a small office space this is especially important because you won’t be moving around as much as you would in a larger office. A chair with the right support and a keyboard that is at the right height can make a real difference in comfort. Make sure that you also have the proper foot support so that you can sit in the best position for the health of your neck and back. The Occupational Safety & Health Administration offers a free purchasing guide and checklist to help select ergonomic equipment for your small office.

10 Small Office Hacks to Increase Space #9

Consider a Shared Spaces Workstyle

Many businesses that end up renting a small office in Houston opt for the shared spaces workstyle. It is possible to find an affordable office that includes shared printing, conference and break areas. There is a great demand for affordable office space and this is one way to get the most for your money. Communal office space also works well for businesses with employees that are not always in the office. Some office space in Houston even provides extra work stations that can be rented by the hour.

10 Small Office Hacks to Increase Space #10

Make a Favorable First Impression

If you are going to entertain clients in your small office, make sure that the seating areas for them are comfortable and unintimidating. It goes without saying that a neat and clean environment also makes a good first impression. If you decide to have a family photo on your desk it’s a good idea to limit it to one professionally shot photograph in a high quality frame. Be careful not to clutter your desk with personal items such as a coffee mug, cell phone, breath mints or grooming items.

Your Fabulous Small Office

Creating a professional and appealing first impression is doable when renting a small office. If you try most of these tips, your office should be beautiful, functional, comfortable and affordable! Plenty of small office space is available in our area in 2015 but much of it is high end property. And despite the increased availability of office space for rent in Houston, rental rates have continued to trend upward, according to market reports. With unemployment in Houston below the national average and Port of Houston container cargo up 24%, demand for office space should continue to keep pace with the strong surge of building we have seen in the past few years. Renting a small office in Houston just makes sense. These small office hacks should help you turn an affordable space into a small business showcase that meets all of your needs!