5 Small Office Events to Promote Your Business

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A small office is a place where multi-tasking and making “every dollar work hard” rules. Small businesses must wisely deploy resources. Think no cost or low cost when planning high yield small office events. Here are five small office events to promote your business:


#1 Lunch and Learn

small-office-events-promote-business-lunchIf you’ve already found affordable office space with a conference room, plan a lunch and learn. If yours is a business-to-business product or service (B2B), your work place neighbors may be potential new customers. Start by contacting prospects on the phone to introduce yourself.


Businesses in search of a small office for rent in Houston should consider office events as a business investment (View all Houston Workstyle locations). Just one successful event can pay a month’s or a year’s rent. Working from a home office cannot compare. Events like a lunch and learn bring prospects and business leaders together. People want to do business with social and innovative businesses.


Without a fixed lunch and learn date in mind, offer prospects a couple of different dates to determine availability. After contacting the prospect list, select the most popular date for your event. If your budget includes catering, ask about professionally prepared box lunches. These are often the most cost-effective choice. A small executive suite in Houston can be inexpensively outfitted to impress your guests. An inexpensive alternative to catered box lunches are customized “do-it-yourself” brown bags. Your guests will love them.


Spend some time preparing a short and interactive presentation for best results, and leave enough time for questions. Remember, this is lunch. Keep a light touch and don’t make this promotional event overtly ‘sales-y.’ Meeting new prospects face-to-face at a lunch and learn drives down marketing costs and allows you to identify great prospects with ease. Ready to find your own office space? Visit our FAQ page for information on renting a small office.



#2 Create and Host an Awards Ceremony

small-office-events-promote-business-awardsMany small businesses create an award and then send invitations to prospects and/or recipients. For instance, a startup database company sells premium services to financial professionals in the oil & gas industry. The business may already know industry oil & gas leaders, but hosting an award offers the chance to invite press coverage or network with new professionals.


Creating and hosting an awards ceremony may be a longer-term project, so begin planning at least six to twelve months beforehand. To manage costs, host the event at your small office. Take plenty of pictures of the attendees at the event and, if they agree to allow you to share these images, post them on your business blog. Plan to make your awards ceremony an annual event for best results. If you’re looking for an office space, start researching now.



#3 Workshop or Seminar

small-office-events-promote-business-workshopMost small businesses are niche market specialists. Offering a workshop or seminar that shares specialty knowledge about your product or service is smart marketing. For instance, your small business offers specialty bookkeeping services to drilling companies in Texas.


Your clients may benefit from insight you’ve acquired over the years. Clients may ask how to manage receipts during a business meeting, but a workshop offers the chance to go deeper. A no cost or low cost seminar or workshop brings everyone together. If you’re looking for new office space for rent, consider a central location to simplify event planning. If inviting prospects to a workshop or seminar, ask at least one raving fan client to attend. The word-of-mouth recommendation he or she can offer is worth its weight in gold.



#4 Hold a Press Conference

small-office-events-promote-business-press-conferenceAlmost every small office has information about a new product, service or engagement it wants to share. Invite local press and media to your small office. Reporters are always in search of a story, so offer delicious food and beverages or freebies at the event.


To get the most out of your event, prepare press releases and synchronize media strategy. You may want to share the news with bloggers, videographers, and other online media outlets.





#5 Join a Relevant Organization

small-office-events-promote-business-organizationBusiness doesn’t happen in a vacuum, so it’s important to leave your office to meet new people. The local Chamber of Commerce or association related to your industry is a wonderful place to network.


Once you’re involved with an organization, offer to host a special event at your headquarters. Before the event, buy or rent furnishings for great first impressions as well as comfort.





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