5 Considerations Before Renting a Small Office

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Looking to rent an executive suite or private office ? Here are 5 considerations before renting a small office by Workstyle! As an independent businessperson, it can be tempting to have your own small office. However, it sure is reassuring to have a constant productive flow of a home base for your projects and endeavors! An ideal office provides you with peace and quiet to do your work, a pleasant and professional space in which to meet with clients, and a location that is central to your business needs.


If you’re a Texas resident who cranes your neck every time you see an ad for an office space for rent, you might be someone who is considering making the investment of renting a small office space in Houston. Office rental does not have to be a tricky process (Frequently Asked Questions when renting a small office), but it should certainly come with some considerations to ensure your long term success.



5 Considerations Before Renting a Small Office
#1 Run a Cost Vs Benefit Analysis

consideration renting small office cost

What are the costs and benefits of this location?

When making any major business decision, it is important to assess how much said decision will impact you financially. Will your investment be recouped? Will that happen quickly, or in the distant future? What are your other major life plans for this time, and how does this investment fit among them? If you are in a financial position to invest in a Houston office space for rent and you will be able to recoup the money you are putting out in a reasonable amount of time, it is likely that the benefit outweighs the cost.







5 Considerations Before Renting a Small Office
#2 Choose a Powerful Location for Your Office

consideration renting small office location

Is this the right location for your business?

If you are strongly considering leasing your own office, one significant consideration should be the location of your property. Houston’s Downtown District boasts the greatest span of office space in the city. It is bright, accessible and pleasant, as well as being adjacent to other major businesses in the metropolitan area. As you might imagine, because this is a powerful location in which to do business, it can also be a pricey one. The best office space Houston has to offer isn’t all downtown- check out these other great districts.







5 Considerations Before Renting a Small Office
#3 How Much Space Do You Need?

consideration renting small office size

Use an office space calculator to get an estimate!

When choosing your office rental, it is important to be sure that you are not renting either too much or too little space. If you sell yourself short when it comes to the square footage, you may find yourself frustrated with your inability to expand your business capacity down the line. Similarly, if you’re not planning to take on new employees or bring any new tech on board, don’t assume you need room for fifty- it gets expensive quickly. Make a size choice based on what you want to get done- no more, no less.








5 Considerations Before Renting a Small Office
#4 Will Anyone Be Dropping By?

consideration renting small office clients

Have client meetings?

While many people prefer to have their own office so that they can conduct business with clients in a professional environment, others just need a space solely dedicated to work. The home environment can be too distracting to many people. If your office is just for you, the accessibility of parking, location within a building and general decor are entirely up to you. If you will be having clients, however, knowing that they have secure parking and will not be put off by the appearance of your office buildings are serious considerations to make. View all Workstyle office amenities.







5 Considerations Before Renting a Small Office
#5 How Long Should My Lease Be?

consideration renting small office term

How long do you plan to stay in this location?

Your need for an office may be temporary. Perhaps you are entering a busy season in a business you can normally run from home, or your usual work location is unavailable. In this case, or if you are unsure about your long term needs, it would be advisable to take the shortest possible lease that is economically advisable. If you know you will need a small office for some time and find one that has an ideal location and a reasonable price, however, it seems pertinent to consider a lease spanning several years.