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Commercial Real Estate in New Jersey

The state of New Jersey represents 159 million net rentable square feet of office space, about a quarter of which is currently vacant. Compared to the rest of the United States, New Jersey has lagged quite a bit in economic growth since the Great Recession, but the job growth improvements seen in 2014 may be an indicator of strong commercial growth to come. In contrast with neighboring New York City, New Jersey’s economy is geared more toward small businesses and the families that run them.


While the numbers may not make New Jersey immediately stand out as a prime candidate for commercial enterprises, its geography certainly does. Any U.S. government matters can be handled conveniently, with Washington D.C. just a couple hours to the southeast. Having close proximity to New York City, cities such as Newark and New Brunswick offer more affordable rents to burgeoning business ventures among other financing boons. Jersey City, which sits right on the Hudson waterfront, has seen increasing commercial diversity due to the rapidly rising rents in neighboring New York.


The Newark Liberty International Airport enables local commerce to reach foreign markets and vice versa. For the growing e-commerce market in the state, the Port of New York and New Jersey is advantageous as well.


New Jersey employs more than 7 million people in a large variety of fields. Employment figures trail the national averages in many areas, but the state boasts high numbers in educational services, health care and social assistance industries. According to the U.S. Bureau of Statistics, the median income per capita is $71,637, which is higher than the national average. Moreover, the standard of living has remained higher than in other states with fewer families living below the poverty line compared to the national average. New Jersey may be less glamorous than neighboring states, but it is an excellent place to set up a small family business.

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Commercial Growth

Since Hurricane Sandy hit in 2012, the state of New Jersey has focused its efforts on supporting economic recovery, specifically in the commercial sector. The New Jersey Economic Development Authority responded quickly to the disaster, providing small businesses with about $5 billion of assistance, tax credits and other incentives. In fact, nearly 80 percent of this aid remains unpaid, so a lot more growth is still expected based on these figures. The goal has been to retain economic activity that might otherwise have left the state, but more businesses continue to move into the market as well.


The biotechnology industry has largely chosen New Jersey as its base, and the market continues to grow, making office space a premium commodity in several areas of the state. The New Jersey biotech market has quadrupled over the past two decades. Of course, biotech was affected by the recent economic downturn, but the industry has since rebounded and is attracting an expanding field of young talent to the area. Areas yielding the most growth include Princeton, North Brunswick and Hamilton.


Biotech also appears to be the major factor in spurring New Jersey’s new commercial construction, with 346,200 net square feet of office space under construction as of the second quarter of 2015. The vast majority of this construction is located in the biotech clusters of Princeton and Parsippany-Troy Hills.

New Jersey Office Space Considerations

When leasing a, executive suite , you’ll need to do your research. First of all, make sure you scout out information about storm and flood risks, particularly on the waterfront, and insure your property accordingly.


Considering price, you’ll find higher rents the closer you are to New York City as well as along U.S. Route 1. The highest costs per square foot tend to come up in Jersey City and Newark because of the nearby airport and shipping port, but also in upscale Princeton. The township of Parsippany-Troy Hills offers many affordable prices due to its up-and-coming status, and it will be easy for everyone to get to work on time using the free transit system provided to residents.


Once you’ve decided on a price point, you’ll need to think about security and insurance. New Jersey ranks right in the middle when it comes to crime rates versus other states, so the typical security measures and insurance coverage should generally suffice. However, offices in Newark, Jersey City and other cities proximate to New York City will benefit from the use of more crime-deterrent technology and features. On the other hand, Parsippany-Troy Hills maintains its low, small-town crime rate.


By making informed decisions early on, you’ll have better business prospects in the long run.