7 Houston Coworking Benefits

7 Houston Coworking Benefits

Working in a Houston coworking environment might seem a bit intimidating at first. With a bootstrapped budget, no one around to understand the unique obstacles you’re facing, and the walls of your home closing in, the dream of being your own boss and becoming a successful “solopreneur” can quickly dissolve into unsuccessful despair. Coworking, however, solves many of the problems experienced by today’s Houston-area entrepreneurs. With these unique collaborative spaces in Houston becoming more and more popular, it’s clear the benefits of this growing trend extend far beyond a desk, free coffee, and fast Wi-Fi.

In addition to curing startup loneliness, research shows entrepreneurs working in a coworking environment are 400 percent more likely to succeed. In a study published by DeskMag.com, people who choose to work in coworking spaces are more motivated and much more likely to interact with others or work in supportive teams. Needless to say, if you’re still chasing the entrepreneurial dream and struggling to create a successful startup from your Houston home, a local coworking space may be in store. If you’re still not convinced, here are a few more reasons to boost your performance and join other like-minded Houstonians at one of the city’s cutting-edge coworking spaces. One of the hottest neighborhoods that is starting collaborative work space is the Energy Corridor in Houston.

Coworking in Houston

Coworking in Houston carries many benefits for entrepreneurs and startups.

1. Build Your Network While Coworking

Houston coworking spaces are designed to foster camaraderie and provide solopreneurs with the ability to work alongside others with same passion and goal-oriented drive as themselves. A Houston office space will not only allow you to discuss creative ideas with others, but it may also lead to fruitful business and investor relationships.

Every successful entrepreneur will tell you, it’s not what you know, it’s who you know. This is the true value of coworking. Everyone working in a coworking environment is a professional in one form or another, providing you with access to a laundry list of skills, ideas, and connections.

2. Affordable Office Space

Many of Houston’s unique coworking spaces are available for the fraction of the cost of renting a traditional corporate office. In many cases, you won’t even be required to sign a contract, allowing you to move spaces or expand as needed. In fact, most spaces offer month-to-month terms and eve daily rates.

Despite their affordable pricing, most executive suites in the Houston area come with all of the amenities an entrepreneur could ask for. From lightning-fast internet and Xerox printers to fax machines and comfortable work spaces, everything is provided for a nominal rent fee. This allows you to work on the big picture and avoid all of the little costly details.

3. Talent is All Around You

As one of the fastest growing cities for startups, Houston’s coworking environments are replete with top talent. Furthermore, these spaces draw talent from a wide variety of backgrounds and industries. The person working right next to you may have the solution for a problem your business may be experiencing. By taking advantage of the opportunity to share ideas and skills, you’re guaranteed to benefit greatly from your fellow coworkers.

4. Technology and Support Services

Houston-based entrepreneurs and freelancers who take advantage of coworking spaces often enjoy access to comfortable work environments complete with high-speed internet, video conferencing, and a host of other technologies. Some coworking centers also provide support staff, ensuring each renter has the support he or she needs to achieve success.

5. Access to Amenities

From coffee bars and game rooms to on-site gyms and meeting areas, Houston’s coworking centers provide a number of unique amenities not available to most home-based solopreneurs and business professionals. These amenities are great for socializing and providing professionals with settings conducive to client meetings and collaboration.

energy corridor office space 2016

Nature flows naturally throughout our office in the energy corridor (Photo Location: 13501 Katy Freeway, Houston Location)

6. Secure, Distraction Free Working Environment

Working from home may seem ideal at first. However, home offices are mired with distractions that all too often disrupt productivity and workflow. In some instances, a home office space can even compromise an entrepreneurs professional reputation. Houston’s coworking spaces solve this dilemma by offering dedicated work spaces away from all of the distractions of home, helping freelancers and entrepreneurs get as much done as possible each and every workday.

Most Houston coworking spaces also provide secure offices and meeting areas, which certainly helps when meeting with clients who are concerned about privacy and security. In fact, many buildings provide 24-hour security, giving you and your potential clients ultimate peace of mind.

7. Choosing a Houston Coworking Office Space

If you’re considering a Houston-area coworking space, which you definitely should be, keep in mind that these spaces are as varied as the entrepreneurs working from them. Therefore, it’s important to vet each space you’re interested in prior to signing any type of rental agreement, even if the contract is on a month-to-month basis. Many places will let you tour the space and some will even allow you to work there for free for a day to see if it’s the right fit for you.

It’s also important to understand the different levels of support coworking spaces provide. For example, some spaces have built- in “incubator” programs that provide high levels of mentorship and support in return for higher rent or an equity stake in the business. These spaces are typically quite particular about who they accept into their programs and work spaces, but you will be surrounding yourself with equally driven entrepreneurs in a highly supportive environment.

If you feel you need less support and mentorship and only require a dedicated work space away from home, a simple shared office space may be the way to go. These basic coworking spaces usually lack a sense of community and the people renting them tend to mind their own business. Therefore, you must consider your needs and how much support or comradery you need prior to picking a space.

When visiting Houston’s many great coworking spaces, there are some questions you should ask yourself in order to choose the right space for you. Are the facilities nice and updated? Does the space make you feel energized and motivated? What type of support is available for new and existing start-ups? The answers to each of these questions will ultimately point you in the right direction for you and your business.

Bottom Line

As an entrepreneur, your best chance of success is to interact and learn from others, and coworking spaces allow you to do exactly that. When you consider the laundry list of benefits above as well, it’s clear a Houston coworking space will provide you with the opportunity to be the successful entrepreneur you’ve always wanted to be.

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