A Healthier, Happier, More Productive Workplace

A Healthier, Happier, More Productive Workplace

There’s a growing case for taking more breaks at work. Whether you’re working in co-working office spaces in Houston, other cities, or you work in a more traditional office space, you should be taking time away from your desk to refresh.

Office space break time should be encouraged

Americans spend an average of 45 hours a week at the office, even in this day and age of the “lazy” millennial. While we’re no India (a world-leading average of 52 hours a week), the fact is, we may likely spend up to a third of our lives at the office.

So, why not make it a pleasant, fun, and friendly place to be? One where you and your coworkers can work hard and play hard.

In fact, recreation in the workplace is not a new concept. Not only do American companies like Eastman Kodak have a history of fun in the workplace, but scholarly articles show steady support for this notion and it has been discussed at length for decades.

Why do we work so much?

For Americans, several factors lead to us spending more time in our office space; from wanting to grow your career, make more money, or wearing multiple hats. Whatever the reason, Americans are willing to put the hours in to be the best and most successful.

These factors are why a growing number of companies are beginning to value workplace wellness and have started to encourage office space downtime by buying into it. They’re seeking out office space for sale or co-working office space for rent that is more flexible and conducive to office space fun and downtime.

It’s no secret tech companies have revived the trend of including play areas complete with air hockey tables, ping pong, or pool tables, to companies who factor downtime into their employee’s work-week.

People are happier in relaxed environments

Many companies have benefited from office space downtime. Their workers are experiencing improved cognitive function and reduced stress/burnout. Companies have also found office space downtime leads to an increase in workplace productivity and talent acquisition.

Who wouldn’t want to work for a company that encourages you to take a break, right?

Where are the best offices for break time?

For those looking to up their co-working space game, Workstyle offers co-working office spaces in Houston, Dallas, and nine other major U.S. cities. For example, their office spaces in Houston combine the privacy of individual executive suites with the flexible spirit of co-working huddle lounges.

Companies who’d like to provide cool office perks for their employees but are not yet in a place where they can take on significant overhead are turning to the co-working spaces provided by property managers like Workstyle who prefer to work with small businesses and startups wishing to focus on company growth.

Why Workstyle?

Workstyle’s co-working office space design features playful art and a variety of games to stimulate creativity and encourage networking – and even a little friendly competition with your neighbors.

Along with ample office space that is appealing, comfortable, and fexible, you’ll also find around the clock access and executive office amenities such as complimentary coffee bars, creative commons, conference rooms with presentation equipment, event space and even dedicated parking areas.

For more on Workstyle co-working spaces around the U.S., schedule a tour or call 713-999-4662 for rates and details.