Flexible Spaces


Workstyle has the right suite for your business. It’s big enough to handle your entire team and host events when needed. It comes fully equipped for your next presentation, offers round-the-clock access to meeting space, and has an onsite management team ready to answer questions and handle concerns for you as they come up.

Workstyle suites offer popular amenities and are well-located in many major cities across the nation. Before renting an office space, think about all you have to gain by renting a suite from us. You get more bang for your business buck with a sleek modern space in one of our buildings conveniently located and fully-equipped in over 80 locations in the United States.

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The Advantages of a Dedicated Suite


Having a dedicated space to work out of has its advantages. It offers a safe and secure location to handle day-to-day business affairs. A beautiful suite increases productivity by making staff feel wanted, supported, and welcome. It gives them the tools to succeed at their jobs, helps boost morale, and increases overall job satisfaction.


Employee satisfaction speaks volumes of the way you do business. It helps win you the respect of the people who drive your company’s success.

Cities Where Our Executive Suites Exist


We offer Workstyle suites in some of the biggest cities in the United States. We provide a number of options to meet your immediate needs and that exceed your high expectations.


If you’re from the following areas, you’re going to love the flexibility Workstyle offers:

• Houston. We have many private office locations in Houston, TX that are ready for move-in. With thriving industries such as energy, petrochemicals and aerospace, Houston is a great place to start and grow most business. To find a great Workstyle location, view the full list of suites available in Houston. We also have a large office campus located in the Energy Corridor in Houston.

• Atlanta. Upscale offices exist throughout Atlanta. The challenge is deciding what size best meets your needs. We offer choices that fit your unique needs. View the full list of Workstyle suites available in Atlanta.

• Dallas. Rent close to a major freeway for easy access. Your employees, clients, vendors, and business partners appreciate the gesture and shortened drive time. View the full list of suites available in Dallas.

• Denver. Why accept a stripped down version of your ideal office space when you can have a long list of amenities for the same price? We offer a high ROI on our executive office spaces. View the full list of executive suites available in Denver.

• New Jersey. Put your money to better use this year. Our suites start at $299/month in NJ. That type of bargain is practically unheard of currently! View the full list of executive suites available in New Jersey.

• Phoenix. Invite productivity and collaboration into your business. The right space offers comfort, convenience, and plenty of space to host meetings with the people that drive your business to succeed. View the full list of executive suites available in Phoenix.

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Many small business office spaces offer little in the way of extras. They’re nothing but a space that you rent. Workstyle suites aren’t ordinary workspaces. We’ve carefully considered everything you need to run your business optimally and offer it to you in one convenient space.


You don’t have to rely on outside sources for your business needs. We take care of the details for you. The managers of the whole building are the same managers you call when you lease through Workstyle. Included with your suite are the following amenities:

• Nationwide Locations. Travel with ease knowing that you won’t need to secure an additional space for your meeting. Gain full access to other suites in the cities you travel to. Save time and expense by being prepared while traveling.

• On Site Management. Your questions and concerns are handled immediately with on site management. Rather than wait to have someone return your call or schedule a repair, you’ll have instant contact with professionals that can help. Don’t lose valuable time dealing with problems that aren’t even yours to address.

• 24 Hour Access. Don’t adjust your hours because your building isn’t accessible around the clock. Our suites cater to your needs and schedule no matter what that means to your business. Work late into the night or get there at dawn to make things happen during a new day in flexible workspace.

• Space to Collaborate. Creative ideas flow freely in dedicated meeting spaces. Common areas are one of the many benefits of renting a suite. Collaborate like never before in the convenience of the same space you work out of.

• Space to Host Events. Think of all the time you save by hosting onsite rather than another location. You don’t have to spend valuable resources to get together with clients, vendors, and partners. Simply invite them to your suite and take care of what you need to on your terms.

• Free WIFI. Say goodbye to internet bills and hello to unlimited access to the web in most executive suites. Carry on with business as usual while keeping the overhead low.

• Presentation Equipment.  Your presentations stand out on state-of-the-art equipment. Make the type of good impression you intend to set with employees, clients, vendors, and business partners.

• Demand Style Coffee Bar. Equipped with Keurig machines and everything needed to fix a hot cup of coffee, your executive suite boosts morale and promotes productivity by not forcing employees to go elsewhere for a caffeine fix. It’s the little things that make your staff happy and feel motivated.


What You Need to Know About Renting a Small Office


Not all spaces are equal. Keep this in mind when looking for a place to work.


Ask yourself the following questions to determine the size of office you need:

• Do you need a place to hold meetings or do you need a space to work out of?
• What type of business do you run?
• What does your budget look like?
• How much overhead do you have?
• What must a space have for you to use it regularly?
• When is your move-in date?
• What location is best for your business?
• How much square footage do you need in order to thrive?


Knowing who is supporting you is also essential when looking for a place to house your business. The right property manager has a vested interest in you and your business. They want to see you succeed so you can continue renting from them.


Some qualities of a great property manager include:

• Accessibility
• Reputability
• Accountability
• Well Informed
 Willing to Go the Extra Mile for His or Her Customer


The more of these attributes a property manager has, the better experience you have renting from them. Keep this in mind when weighing the pros and cons of an office space. Our suites offer onsite property management meaning that you won’t have to wait a great length of time to have your needs taken care of.


Why Workstyle is For You


It doesn’t matter what size of company you have. You need a dedicated office space for your business. It doesn’t make sense to work out of a closet or garage any longer. If you want to grow exponentially, you need to think BIG! An executive suite lets others know you mean business, and it gives you room to grow.


When comparing other office spaces with Workstyle, think about the amenities they offer. Are you paying rent for the space itself or do you get a long list of extras the way you do with us? Our suites give you comfort, flexibility, and security.