Executive Suite Price Comparison | How Much Should I Pay?

Want to know the general price of an executive suite? See below for a comparison chart of prices and features offered by Workstyle and other executive suite rental agencies to help you see the Boxer difference.

Comparative Matrix*

Amenities WORKSTYLE. National Competitor Local Competitor
per Month
Meeting Rooms FREE $100
per Hour
per hour
Starting Price $299
per Month
per Month
per Month
N/A $60
per hour
per hour

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*Cost comparison may vary with availability.

While competitors typically charge for features like Wi-Fi, meeting room use, and city-wide access, Workstyle executive suites include all of these FREE with every lease. We consider these to be necessary to most business professionals, and thus do not charge fees.


Affordable Suites Without Hidden Costs

You’ll also notice that our rental rates start a full $200+ less per month than competitors around the nation. This allows new entrepreneurs an affordable way to secure a professional workspace while building their businesses from the ground up. And though rents can vary based on a number of factors, one constant throughout our Workstyle suites is the array of amenities you’ll have access to as a tenant. Features like fully equipped conference rooms, a complimentary coffee bar, Wi-Fi, creative flexible spaces, on-site management, 24-hour access, and a host of other perks come together to form a comfortable, dynamic workspace. And, once again, we include most of these at no additional cost.


Conference Room Access

Impress clients by presenting in a professional conference room. A modern and well furnished environment will help build trust with new and returning customers.

Executive Suite Conference Room at 600 John Carpenter Fwy

Use our conference rooms built with professional presentation equipment to wow and win clients.


Large Training Rooms Available

Most companies and corporations have to host their speakers and group education at expensive venues. Booking a large room can also be a hassle when you’re working with different vendors. Workstyle affords you the opportunity to have multiple training rooms nationwide to develop employees.

executive suite training rooms

Hold large events and educational events in one of many training rooms nationwide.


Flexible Work Space

Fun and open places to work and brainstorm with your team. Teamwork is an incredibly important factor in most successful companies – we create environments to nurture collaboration.

executive suite breakout space

Access to breakout spaces is included with membership pricing to help encourage collaboration.


After you browse our available office spaces and find something you like, give us a call for a rental quote. It’s quick and easy, we promise! We take a no-pressure, no-hassle approach to customer service, offering information and guidance as you embark on your search for office space. When you call, you can also schedule a free, private tour of any property. Most of our buildings have on-site leasing agents who can give you thorough insight into the building’s features, amenities, other tenants, surrounding areas, and more.


Ready to sign on the dotted line? You won’t have to jump through hoops to get into your new office. We offer short, easy-to-understand leases with the flexibility of shorter terms. You can get the keys to your executive suite today with just a security deposit and the first month’s rent. Plus, if you need more space mid-lease, you can always expand without penalty to a larger office in any Boxer-owned building.


Call us today at 713-999-4662 to get a no-obligation rent quote.