6 Creative Ways to Celebrate Halloween at the Office

creative halloween office

6 Creative Ways to Celebrate Halloween at the Office

Halloween is on the horizon, which means the end of the year is almost here and your staff is likely working hard to meet Q4 goals. Give them (and yourself) a much-needed break with a festive Halloween party featuring plenty of games and time to socialize. These activities can all be done in the office, on a small budget, and with minimal preparation.

1. Office Space Decorating

creative halloween office decorations

Bring the team together to decorate the office.

The average person planning to buy Halloween decorations will spend $20.34, according to the National Retail Federation. Somewhere in each of your employees’ houses, as well as your own, probably exists a stash of Halloween décor that won’t be used this year. Instead of spending a lot of money decorating for an event that will last less than a day, take an eco-friendly route and reuse any old Halloween supplies your team can contribute. Take a short break to decorate the office together the day before to build excitement for the party. After Halloween, box up and store the decorations, adding to your collection each year.

2. Team/Company Potluck

creative halloween office potluck

It’s a “boo-ffet”… get it?

Create a lunch “boo-ffet” right inside the office with a company potluck. Have everyone sign up to bring in a main course, side dish, or dessert (or, for those averse to cooking, supplies like plates, cups, napkins, and silverware). Food can be Halloween-themed (hello, Pinterest!) or not; the main point is for everyone to participate and celebrate together. Make the meal the centerpiece around which you build the rest of your party — after all, even those not initially enthused by a Halloween bash will definitely not miss out on lunch!

3. Costume Contest

creative halloween office costume

Have a costume contest so everyone can participate!

Relax the office dress code for a day, if possible, and allow employees to dress up in work-appropriate Halloween costumes. Appoint an unbiased judging panel and have a contest with prize categories like Best Duo or Group, Best Individual, Scariest, Most Creative, Least Recognizable, etc. Bragging rights for an entire year may be enough, or you can give out gift cards as prizes.

(And remember, the best way to make staff feel comfortable coming to work in costume is for upper management to participate, as well!)

4. Pumpkin Character Competition

creative halloween office pumpkin

Split up into teams to create the best pumpkin carving.

You provide the pumpkins, your team provides the inspiration. Separate employees into smaller groups of 2-5 participants (depending on the size of your company or team) and give each group a pumpkin a few days in advance of the party. It’s up to them to use any supplies from home to transform the pumpkin into a character of their choosing. At the party, unveil all the pumpkins to see how imaginative each team got, and then vote on the best creation.

5. Raise Money for Charity

creative halloween office charity

Hold a Halloween themed silent auction for charity.

Put an angelic touch on this devilish day by adding a fundraising element to the party. You could hold a silent auction or sell raffle tickets, with all the money collected going to a worthy cause (perhaps Operation Gratitude, in conjunction with the next activity listed below). Ask neighboring businesses and your staff if they could donate any items of value or services. Then, get creative with your own contributions. Lunch out with the boss, a “jeans pass” for a month, a voucher to work from home for a certain number of days, or that unoccupied desk with the great skyline view — you can amass quite a few bewitching prizes with a little creativity.

For an added element of competitiveness, make it a tradition and try to beat your fundraising record every subsequent year.

6. Collect Halloween Candy for ‘Operation Gratitude’

creative halloween office candy

Collect candy for a good cause!

Keep the fun going even after Halloween has passed by collecting left-over Halloween candy for Operation Gratitude, which provides care packages to deployed troops, veterans, new recruits, care givers, first responders, and wounded warriors. Ask everyone to bring in excess candy (and you know parents with little ones will have plenty) the day after Halloween. Then, purchase some individually packaged toothbrushes, dental floss, and toothpaste (to help our soldiers maintain healthy smiles after snacking!). Encourage staff and their families to write letters to include, as well. Follow the instructions provided by Operation Gratitude for packaging and shipping, and know that your donations and letters will be dispersed among many care packages for our troops to enjoy.

With a little creativity, a bit of planning, and a lot of enthusiasm from your team, you can throw a thrilling office Halloween party that everyone will remember.