Best Social Media Tools For Startup Office Space

Best Social Media Tools For Startup Office Space

Getting the latest and best social media tools for startup office space is a snap these days. Of course that doesn’t mean they’re all worth the time or effort of acquiring them. With the abundance of social media products available, it’s inevitable that many of them will end up being more hassle than they’re worth. Having a vivid presence on social media is one of the best ways for any business to make a valuable connection with consumers. Whether you’re beginning in a startup office space or directing a vast corporation, social media is the future of public relations. While there may be some duds, there are still plenty of social media products worth your time.

Using social media should be part of an overall plan for achieving business objectives. With the following list you’ll find information about the best new social media applications that will help you achieve your goals in 2016. These products make it possible to streamline your social media output so you can create and manage content with ease.

It’s time to make social media work for you. With these tools, it will.

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top 9 social media tools of 2016

1. Canva

You’ve got to include visual content in your social media posts. Finding high-quality images for those posts can sometimes be problematic. That’s where Canva comes in. Canva offers a drag-and-drop feature and expert layouts so you can consistently design stunning graphics. All that and it’s budget-friendly, too.

2. Edgar

You may have just created your startup office space, but chances are you’ve already got social media followers. Chances are those followers are also being flooded with information so it’s possible they’ve missed some of your content. Reposting relevant content is a great way to catch all those people who missed it the first time around, but finding that content can be tricky. Edgar solves that problem. This tool lets you categorize content so you can quickly and painlessly find it when you want to reuse it in the future.

3. Cyfe

For a fledgling business, such as one in a startup office space, it’s important to know right away what social media content is working and what isn’t. It’s a good bet you’re not a social media analyst, but with Cyfe you don’t need to be. Cyfe provides its users with detailed SEO, AdWords and Google Analytics reports all in one customizable dashboard. This tool makes it a snap to track analytic data about your business by giving you all the information you need all in one place.

4. Brand24

You may have spent hours online in the past searching for what people were saying about your brand. Brand24 makes that time-consuming process obsolete. Brand24 delivers information about your current online reputation and your competition’s. This real-time data allows you to respond to positive and negative comments across all your social media outlets. Connect with your audiences and gauge the reception of your online presence.

5. Notifier

An outstanding way to connect with your audience is to tell them when you’ve mentioned them in content. With the vast quantities of information being shared, it’s likely the people you’ve referenced won’t know you’ve mentioned them unless you tell them. Of course you can notify people the slow way – find their accounts and email addresses, compose a message and press “send.” Or you can use Notifier.

With Notifier just copy the post’s URL into a search box and Notifier does the rest. It identifies who you’ve mentioned and finds their Twitter handles. You can customize a tweet or let Notifier create one to let them know you’ve mentioned them. The process is automated so even people working from a small startup office space will have time to use this social media tool.

6. Curalate

Pictures are powerful. There’s a reason everyone knows they’re worth a thousand words. With 2.6 billion images shared every day, it’s time to focus on your visual brand management. Similar to Brand24, but with pictures, Curalate searches social media outlets to discover what people are saying about your business in images. You’ll know right away what is being visually shared about your brand. Then you can collect and moderate those images. Use them for customized content or to create an image gallery.

7. Blab

Update: Blab has been discounted. The authors of Blab have written a very cool summary of their journey and lessons learned here.

Live streaming and social media experiences will increase in 2016. Content in which social media users feel as though they are at an event is becoming more and more attractive. Blab is the tool that will help you take advantage of this trend. It allows users to create shows by letting up to four people talk on camera at the same time. Viewers can check in and participate in live chat with any of the speakers.

For anyone in marketing, even those in a startup office space, Blab provides an excellent way to make the popular video format work for you. With Blab you can offer viewers live videos with audience interaction. Teach, interview, connect. It’s all possible with Blab.

8. Pablo 2.0

You may be familiar with Pablo 2.0, but now it’s even easier to use. You don’t have to have a degree in design to make memorable images with Pablo. This little social media tool takes all the frustration out of creating graphics for your Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook accounts.

Choose your image layout and text and with a few clicks you’ve got attention-grabbing graphics. Social sharing is built into the program and you’ll receive data on how well your content performs on social networks. There are no more excuses for not creating and sharing remarkable graphics on your social media outlets.


In the good-old-days even people working in the smallest startup office space could rely on their local advertising salesperson to create quality marketing content. Not so anymore. You may not have a background in advertising, but are still responsible for finding and creating content for social media accounts.

There are a variety of tools available to help you with this process, but takes a unique approach to the task. It uses real people to find the content you want and return it to you. No algorithms here. Quuu enlists real, live human beings. Choose content categories that best suit your needs. Quuu associates curate content and send the best on to you. Accounts only take minutes to establish and then run on autopilot. You’ll save time, money and possibly a few gray hairs.

Yes, there are countless social media tools and apps vying for your time and money, but you can’t buy them all. Even if you could, you probably wouldn’t have time to use them. These nine tools provide a range of capabilities that will enhance the social media presence of any business regardless of size. Don’t settle for a product that doesn’t work for you. With the right tools you can create outstanding content that’s easy to curate, manage and schedule. It’s time to get social.