Looking for flexible office space? Workstyle suites offer a unique, dynamic solution to office space rental needs. Find great workspace and small offices for rent in major cities including Houston, Dallas, Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Cleveland, Denver, New Jersey, Phoenix, and San Antonio. We combine the privacy of individual offices with the flexible spirit of co-working spaces.

A Workstyle executive suite gives you an invaluable professional advantage over a home office by positioning you among other motivated, focused individuals and small businesses in complementary industries. Our fully furnished flexible spaces naturally encourage businesses and entrepreneurs to network, brainstorm, and work together. Countless Workstyle tenants have found partners, as well as customers in our modern lounge areas and similar common spaces. Break free from the confines of your current space and try out a new style of work!


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See why business professionals are succeeding with Workstyle. And just as a well-made business suit gives off an air of competence, importance, and confidence; a professional office automatically improvesthe image of your small business. Compare a home-based office usinga residential mailing address (or a mysterious PO Box) to a Workstyle executive office suite with a business mailing address. Likewise, compare hosting a meeting with investors or clients at a coffee shop versus in the privacy of your building’s conference room. Which company seems more established, trustworthy, and professional? Your mere presence in a professional office suite can be the difference between sealing the deal and losing a prospect. Workstyle reduces the stress and friction of a small business seeking credibility without the high overhead of a standard office lease.


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executive suite amenities included (and free)

Most office amenities are fully included in all Workstyle offices with no extra charge. Enjoy a full list of amenities at one of our many locations.


Traveling to another city? We’ve got you covered. With over 50 Workstyle centers nationwide, you can stop by select Workstyle offices at no additional cost.


 The beating heart of any executive office: The Coffee Machine. We furnish our Workstyle spaces with on demand style coffee machines to facilitate your caffeine fix.


Want to hold an event? We have dedicated event space that can be reserved for special events such as fundraisers, team building, company lunch outings, and more.


Because we own many of the buildings that have Workstyle centers, we are able to provide convenient on site community management.


Our fully furnished flexible spaces not only give your team a place to work, but encourage businesses in the same building to find synergy with one another.


Free Wi-Fi coverage for the entire space including common areas, conference rooms, and executive office suites to help your team connect and collaborate.

With all these top-notch features and benefits, a Workstyle executive suite comes with a surprisingly affordable price tag. That’s because you only pay for your individual office space plus a percentage of the common areas (such as restrooms, lobby, storage areas, break rooms, hallways, etc.). Why pay full price for all of these spaces when you can split the costs with other building tenants? We’re sure at this very moment you can think of a dozen better things to spend that money on than sparsely used square footage!

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We have amazing large office space for rent available in Houston for you to fully customize. Start with a single room or lease a full floor for your business. Our work spaces come with meeting rooms and professional presentation equipment to impress your clients.

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