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Small Office Space Ideas To Get Happier

20 Ways to Be Happy In Small Work Place

When days in a small office turn into a never-ending treadmill, it might be time to mix things up. The key to happiness lies in life’s daily habits.

Here Are Different Ideas On How To Be Happier In A Small Workplace

1. Add a soundtrack to your day.

Create a playlist with a few of your favorite songs that get you pumped. This can start the day on a high note, or it can get you through a mid-afternoon slump. Just hit play and re-energize.

happier small office ways soundtrack2. Meditate.

Take ten minutes to turn off the lights, close your eyes, and clear your mind. It sounds simple, but it works. Science has shown that practicing meditation is a great way to bring mental clarity and to relieve stress.

3. Redecorate your office.

Small changes like this can make a big difference in your mood. In an affordable office, try changing the decorations. On the extreme end, maybe you can even find a new office for rent. Even just changing your desk arrangement can add new life to your work space. Here are 5 more small office changes you can do to boost productivity.

4. Get some exercise before work.

This is another proven method to boost your mood and your productivity. If a gym isn’t your thing, you can still benefit from simply walking or jogging around the block. It gets your blood pumping and invigorates your mind.

5. Change your diet with good foods.

Our bodies and minds both need fuel to keep moving. Try adding some of these foods to your diet. You will always feel better after eating a well-balanced meal.


happier small office ways diet

6. Drink water.

Caffeine may be the go-to beverage for Americans, but plain old water is better. A majority of Americans are dehydrated regularly. Not only will it increase your mood, water also has benefits such as reducing the effects of aging and increasing energy.

7. Go to bed early.

Most people don’t get enough sleep, and their mood suffers as a result. Don’t fool yourself to think coffee can be a substitute. Nothing feels as good as waking up from a full eight hours.

8. Smile often.

This one sounds almost too simple, but it works surprisingly well. When you face stress or negativity, making yourself smile is a great solution. Smile at your coworkers, and watch them smile back. Suddenly, everyone feels better.

9. Help someone.

Altruism is one of the best feelings. Take the time to notice who is struggling around your office, and offer to help them. Don’t expect anything in return, other than the feeling of satisfaction.

10. Choose to be happy.

This one seems obvious, but it is critical. Unhappy people often choose to be, even if they don’t realize it. Approach every situation with a positive attitude, and see how that choice will turn everything in a new direction.

happier small office ways happy11. Be thankful.

This is another one of the simplest ways to adjust your attitude for the better. Remembering good things will stop the daily hiccups from bringing you down. When your mood sours, think of something that you are thankful for.

12. Write daily.

Keeping a regular journal is a proven technique of successful people.There are plenty of benefits to journaling. Whether you are a natural writer or not, it always helps to put down your thoughts on paper.

13. Set personal goals.

When work seems like an endless routine, maybe it’s time to take control and set your own goals. This gives you some ownership of your work beyond what your supervisors expect or need. You will feel happier, work harder, and do a better job.

14. Put yourself first every morning.

As soon as you arrive to work, what happens? Someone has something which they need you to do. Remember that your own happiness is necessary too, so focus on your personal goals first. Once you put those in place, then worry about other tasks second.

15. Make the most of your weekends.

Your off-time is just as important to your job as time spent at work. Try working on household projects or recreational activities. If you feel accomplished at the end of a weekend, you will feel better come Monday morning.

happier small office ways weekend16. Plan an office event.

This will do everyone in your office a favor by living the mood. By taking responsibility, you will earn satisfaction from bringing coworkers together. Here are 5 more ways to keep employees happy!

17. Make friends with coworkers.

Making friends can be one of the best mood boosters. It increases happiness more than almost anything, including a raise or a promotion. Try to get to know your coworkers better, or even meet new people.

18. Switch your routine.

It’s easy to get in a rut, so take the effort to get out. How often do you eat the same breakfast, wear the same clothes, and do things in the same order? Change it up a little, and see the big difference.

19. Move closer to work.

Cutting down on commute times can be hugely beneficial. It reduces stress, saves time, and saves money. Even if you can’t move right away, maybe try finding a new office space for rent that is closer, or try working from home if you can.

20. Take a vacation.

Sometimes, work is just too much to handle. In a small business, everyone on the team has a lot of responsibility. Taking a vacation can give you a chance to reinvigorate yourself.

Your small office life will be what you make of it. Check out our FAQ on renting a small office for more information. Remember, always choose to be happy, and focus on the little things that you can control. You will soon feel your attitude transform for the better.

happier small office ways vacation