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5 Office Space Innovations to Consider NOW

5 Office Space Innovations to Consider

Study after study has shown that an office’s design — including spatial layout, lighting, décor, air quality, color, and more — affects everything from our health and happiness to our productivity and creativity. So, how do you begin to turn your office into an innovative space that maximizes personal well-being and professional performance?

Top Office Space Innovations

1.Choose Sustainability

office-space-innovations-now-sustainabilityA sustainable setting benefits everyone. If you’re in the market to rent a new office space, you have the power to choose a building that shows a commitment to protecting the environment, whether it is through the use of eco-friendly materials, energy-efficient components, water conservation strategies, or other improvements.

Even if you’re currently in an office that doesn’t have any of the aforementioned features, you still have many ways to “greenify” your workspace. Every effort, large or small, can make a difference — not only to the environment, but also to your employees. In fact, researchers at the University of British Columbia found a strong link between occupying a sustainable building and exhibiting environmentally responsible behavior. So, set the tone for an eco-conscious lifestyle in your office, and your employees will likely follow suit.

2.Generate Interactions

office-space-innovations-now-interactionsIf your employees are segregated by job description, they may not be interacting often enough with others who can look at problems or ideas from different angles. Steve Jobs famously redesigned the Pixar offices, co-mingling the previously isolated animators, computer scientists, executives, and editors. Similarly, Google has mastered the art of catalyzing “casual collisions.”

These companies have become the gold standard for collaborative office design, but you can still generate social interaction in your own workspace with or without a large-scale overhaul. Shake things up and encourage these unplanned interactions by adding more common areas, such as small nooks, huddle rooms, and/or a coffee bar. Opening up the office and getting rid of cubicles can also go a long way in fostering creative collaborations and cross-team communication.

3.Embrace Mobility

office-space-innovations-now-mobilityWho truly enjoys sitting at the same desk, day in and day out? Now that laptops, smartphones, and Wi-Fi are part of our daily lives, there’s no reason why we should be relegated to one spot and one spot only. Innovative office design embraces mobility and lets workers set up shop wherever they’re most comfortable at that moment. To accomplish this, consider dynamic office elements like:

• Hot-desking and hoteling systems
• Standing or adjustable desks
• Non-permanent walls
• Open lounge areas

These agile working environments have some additional benefits, as well: they encourage movement among employees, provide opportunities for interaction, and allow for your office to more easily evolve as technology does.

4.Manufacture Movement

office-space-innovations-now-movementAnything you can do to promote exercise and an active lifestyle will benefit your employees and your company as a whole. Many walkers aim for 10,000 steps per day. When you set out to manufacture movement at work, remember that every extra step counts! Transfer destinations like the coffee maker, printer, and supply area farther from the main working areas. You may see more foot traffic on the stairwells if they are made brighter and more inviting. Providing showers, locker rooms, and bike racks can encourage employees to take alternate modes of transportation to and from work, and to be more active during breaks. Check out America’s Walking for more ways to incorporate fitness into the workday.

5.Use Unique Materials

Experiment with using unique materials in your workspace to give it a creative, one-of-a-kind atmosphere that inspires and invigorates. You can score some great finds for a low price at local lumber yards, furniture stores, secondhand shops, and the like. Then, repurpose your treasures into custom pieces of art, furniture, or décor for your workspace. The Internet has an abundance of examples on how to use recycled

office-space-innovations-now-materialsmaterials to your advantage; here are a few ideas to get you thinking.

When it comes to implementing innovative in your office, don’t rush it. Adapt and implement as you have the time, space, and budget, and involve your team along the way. As long as you make it a priority and keep seeking the best options for your workspace, you’ll surely reap the rewards of innovative office design.

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