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Top 10 Coolest Office Furniture of the Future

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Top 10 Coolest Office Furniture of the Future

The stationary office furniture we’re accustomed to is making way for the adjustable workspaces of the future. Business leaders are always looking for ways to motivate their teams, including creating the ideal office space  for fostering innovation and efficiency. It’s at the junction of these two concepts that we find the coolest office furniture of the future

Forthcoming office furnishings will foster opportunities for both communal meetings and individual work sessions. Steelcase is one company leading the way in office space furniture design. “If you want to change your culture, getting the physical space to match the body language is critical,” says Steelcase CEO Jim Keane. “And if you change the culture but don’t change the space, the space will anchor behaviors in the past.” With those words in mind, here are our top ten picks for the coolest office space furniture of the future.

1. Brody

Adjustability is the key to the Brody WorkLounge. These pods can be used individually or grouped to create communal work spaces. Balancing collaboration and privacy is an important design aspect of the Brody WorkLounge. The configuration of the pods is entirely dependent on the users’ needs and preferences. Grouped together this work space provides opportunities for people to meet and work as a team. Set up separately the Brody offers a private retreat ensuring workers won’t be interrupted.

2. The Ear Chair

It may look a little strange, but the Ear Chair creates a private resting space that is flexible enough to be used for public social gatherings. Office workers can sit and have a personal conversation or private phone call without worrying about disturbing their office mates. The attached table is a convenient spot to place a cup of coffee, a book or laptop.

3. Metaform

Metaform is a stackable system of boundaries, work surfaces and tools designed with a strong, lightweight plastic. It allows employees to mix, match and design their own work areas based on their current needs. When those needs change they can simply rearrange the workspace. Project teams can create an area with large tables and whiteboards while individuals may choose to arrange cubicles separately to dissuade interruptions.

4. StandTable

Sitting in a chair for hours isn’t healthy for mind, body or soul. To combat the energy drain that comes from plugging away at a desk all day, check out the StandTable. This nifty little piece of furniture was created with collaboration in mind. Employees can use the table to connect with one another our use the space privately. Standing while working boosts physical health as well as work performance.

5. Susan Cain Quiet Spaces

Introverts have been receiving a lot of attention recently for their habits in social situations and the workplace. The Susan Cain Quiet Spaces are an introvert employee’s dream office setting. These Quiet Spaces provide a warm destination away from the gaze and interruptions of fellow coworkers. The natural materials used in this office oasis create a calming environment free from distractions.

6. Meridian Storage

Meridian is a storage space that doubles as an adjustable workspace. The design provides a space for personal and work items while creating natural boundaries for privacy. If desired the modular elements can be arranged to create a communal gathering place. The cushion-topped drawers and pedestals also serve as handy guest seating.

7. Ophelis Docks

Ophelis Docks is a system that can be used to create islands in the office. Designed by Till Grosch and Björn Meier, these little islands are the perfect work spaces for those desiring quiet and concentration. Because the docks are created from separate pieces they can also be configured to form open meeting areas. Elements are designed with high-quality upholstery and can be arranged to screen unwanted audible and visual noise. These clever pieces are a good way to utilize hallways, reception areas and other work zones with little floor space.

8. Sit-to-Stand Tables

As we’ve already discussed, sitting all day isn’t good for mind or body. With sit-to-stand tables office workers have the option of moving seamlessly between sitting and standing. Bodies are made to move and the sit-to-stand table lets employees change positions throughout the day. By combining the sit-to-stand table with a quality chair, workers can stay physically active and mentally productive.

9. Niche

This is another interesting looking piece of furniture with lots of potential. The Niche provides a private space in public. Office employees can use them alone or for meeting with colleagues. The comfortable seating and enclosed structure offer enough seclusion for total concentration while being large enough for a small gathering.

10. Duo Storage

This set of storage modules provides easy access to the most often used office materials while offering private seating to individuals at their desks. By also creating a perching area for guests, the workspace becomes a base for collaborative efforts. The overhead storage keeps supplies readily at hand without blocking sight lines between employees.

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