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10 Best New Jersey Neighborhoods for Entrepreneurs

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10 Best New Jersey Neighborhoods for Entrepreneurs

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Check out the best 10 neighborhoods in New Jersey to be an entrepreneur.

It is a known fact that all entrepreneurs take great pride in their businesses and its success. Nothing can get in the way of business owners reaching their business goals. The same holds true for where entrepreneurs choose to live. They pick pleasure-seeking neighborhoods that will give them entertainment on their leisure while also serving to help them expand their business’ horizons. The question remains, however, in “Where are these five-star neighborhoods?” The answer depends on which state they opt to live.

Here are the top 10 New Jersey areas that are best for entrepreneurs.

Neighborhoods Entrepreneurs Love


#1: Hoboken

This is the area to live if you have money to spend, and there is no doubt when it comes to entrepreneurs having disposable income. There is entertainment everywhere you turn. From the Hoboken’s beautiful bars, luxurious restaurants, fashionable boutiques, and bars, entrepreneurs will have a great time living in this area.

#2: Jersey City

South of Hoboken and more affordable, Jersey City is a huge area with distinctive buildings. Some are worth considering more than others, but these nicer buildings cost more. In Jersey City, the entrepreneur will be surrounded by limitless entertainment. While almost everything is walking distance, there is a massive amount of public transportation to take individuals out of the city, with one option being New York.

#3: Morristown

This particular area features many historical buildings. Morristown is both home to many museums and to Washington’s New Jersey headquarters. This neighborhood will be a great place for the historian to live. They will have plenty of opportunity to visit Morristown’s historical buildings, using this chance to broaden on their work.

#4: Red Bank

This picturesque neighborhood is excellent for both the talented artist and the picture-perfect photographer. Filled with arts scenes and antique shops, Red Bank will hold the entrepreneurs’ attention. It is the host of many cultural festivals, in addition to being a few mile away from the ocean. An author can spend his or her time writing material by the quiet Oceanside.

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#5: Ridgewood

Entrepreneurs will also have access to great entertainment in Ridgewood. When they are not tending to their business, they can get away to the area’s numerous parks and downtown activities. The property value is high and crime is low, making the Ridgewood neighborhood a safe place to live for anyone.

#6: Haddonfield

This is a historic area that is home to exciting downtown areas and an excessive amount of shopping and dining options. Haddonfield was even in the Philadelphia Magazine as one of the best places to live, shop, and dine in the Delaware Valley (Koennemann, 2015).

#7: New Brunswick

Home to the state’s largest university, New Brunswick accommodates the studies of college students. This is the best neighborhood, if an entrepreneur wants to teach their field of business, to do so. This area also offers a large quantity of cultural centers and countless dining options. New Brunswick is great for the entrepreneur who enjoys being surrounded by younger crowds.

#8: Montclair

This area is also home to college students. Its attributes include a wonderful amount of everything. Montclair gives access to entertaining pubs, shops, independent theaters and concert venues. There is also a stunning art museum, which the artist will take great pleasure in checking out.

#9: Chatham

This neighborhood is for individuals who have nothing to do some of the time. Chatham features serene parks that give its residents access to taking tranquil strolls.

#10: Medford Lakes

This is a scenic lakeside with an intriguing sense of community. Medford Lakes features events like the Canoe Carnival in addition to many lovely log cabin homes. Entrepreneurs may enjoy living in one of its cabin homes with its quiet and calm environment.


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Availability of New Jersey Office Suites

In addition to these top ten New Jersey neighborhoods that are sure to give entrepreneurs great joy in living in, business owners can also have full access to a variety of New Jersey executive suites for their business. Best of all, since there are even business suites located in these ten listed New Jersey neighborhoods, entrepreneurs can elect to work in the same area that they reside.


Why Choosing a Good Location in New Jersey Matters

Entrepreneurs already have a lot on their plate when it comes to pursuing the goals of their businesses. Making their lives easier by selecting a executive suites in New Jersey will prove advantageous because:

1. There is easy access to transportation.

2. new Jersey features cultural diversity, allowing for a broader range of clients for the business.

3. There is a variety of entertainment for leisure.

4. There are full service gas stations. The entrepreneur can use this time to sit back and relax while an attendant pumps his or her gas.

5. New Jersey is home to the largest chemical industries. Therefore if a business owner’s field is chemicals, they will benefit from this reason.

6. There are a variety of places for shopping in New Jersey.

7. Choosing the right location will give individuals a peace of mind with its safety.

8. There is no traffic congestion. Most locations are known for its peaceful and quiet surroundings.

When it comes to entrepreneurs living in New Jersey, choosing the best neighborhood that will compliment their lifestyle is worthwhile. From the artist having access to art museums to the photographer living in a neighborhood featuring quaint scenery, these New Jersey areas will insure that entrepreneurs fulfill both their personal and professional goals.