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how escape entrepreneurial lonliness

How to Escape Entrepreneurial Loneliness

How to Escape Entrepreneurial Loneliness

Loneliness. It’s often brushed off in the early stages of entrepreneurship by eager individuals with big dreams. So zealous about not working for “The Man” anymore, it’s easy to forget that by becoming an entrepreneur, you are now working for yourself — and with yourself, by yourself. Yes, you can set your own hours and deadlines, but that also means others aren’t available when you are. After a while, even the most introverted solopreneurs can start feeling the pangs of loneliness.

If a desire for social interaction isn’t enough to make you seek out a solution to this solitude, perhaps the danger of isolation to your business would drive you to action. After all, working in a silo can stifle your creativity as well as make you oblivious to what’s happening in the world around you. While you maintain and expand your business, you must also maintain your well-being and expand your intellectual horizons.

“I just don’t have any time anything besides work,” you may say. Stop right there. If you’re motivated to not lose your identity in your work, you can always find time. A half hour a day, an hour a week, one afternoon a month — it’s not much in the grand scheme of things. With proper planning and commitment, you can make it happen.

Amazing ideas can spring forth from the most unexpected interactions and activities, so why not give it a go? You can start building relationships today, including through the following ways.

How to Escape Entrepreneurial Lonliness #1:

Spend Time With Friends

how escape entrepreneurial-lonliness spend time friends

Grab lunch with a friend when you can.

It’s not easy to maintain close friendships as an entrepreneur. Often, with your time split between work commitments and family life, your friends slowly and mysteriously become acquaintances whom you seldom see. Make an effort to not let that happen with the friends you really care about. Schedule time together in advance … even if it’s just an evening spent at home or a quick lunch between meetings.

How to Escape Entrepreneurial Lonliness #2:

Rent a Collaborative Office Space

Collaborative office spaces, also called executive suites, can provide a professional work environment and afford you the opportunity to socialize with other entrepreneurs and small businesses leasing office space in the same building. Many co-working spaces feature modern design and décor, Wi-Fi, and a number of common areas in which to meet and mingle, such as break rooms, lobbies, conference rooms, and more.

How to Escape Entrepreneurial Lonliness #3:

Pursue an Outside Interest

how escape entrepreneurial lonliness pursue outside interest

This may be an extreme example… the point is get out of the office!

Taking an interest in something outside the office environment will help you connect with new individuals and give you a break from work matters. Whether you take a class, join a recreational sports league, volunteer, or explore a hobby with others, you’ll get out of your usual headspace for a bit — and doing something you deeply enjoy can relieve a lot of stress! At the same time, the relationships you develop can turn into business contacts, as you’ll probably meet people from a variety of industries.

How to Escape Entrepreneurial Lonliness #4:

Join a Network of Entrepreneurs

To zero in on like-minded individuals, find a network or community of entrepreneurs in your area. Members will already share the common bond that comes with owning and leading a business; that alone can take away much of the loneliness you may all be experiencing. Additional rewards of such peer groups include friendship, humor, advice, and an underlying support system you can rely on. Some well-regarded options include Entrepreneurs’ Organization, the National Association of Women Business Owners, and The Indus Entrepreneur.