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10 Fun Office Concepts to Try

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10 Fun Office Concepts to Try

Most employers now realize that an office with a fun concept and other features increases the worker’s productivity and creativity level. Working in a blunt, boring office cubicle can reduce your productivity level. It’s pivotal from time to time to boost morale among your employees within your office space. We’ll go over 10 of the best and fun office concepts you can try to give your office a boost!

10 fun office concepts try

1. The Color Coordinate office concepts

Color Coordinate Office ConceptThe color scheming of your office determines its appearance. The color scheming in the office should complement each other with blending neutral shades to suit the taste of the office. The color on the walls should complement the furniture and other fittings properly. Add curtains and pieces of art on the empty wall to complete the coloring scheme. The office concepts may look irrelevant, but in a way they make a huge difference. Introducing an adept lighting to your office will help to suit the color scheming. Want to add some color to your Houston office? Many properties allow you to paint the walls of your office space . 

2. Allow adequate supply of natural light

Natural Light Office ConceptThe same way plants need light for production, humans also need light for maximum productivity and creativity. Integrating sunlight into an office design and ensuring that its shines to all employees provides a conducive environment for nurturing business ideas. Studies have shown that sunlight has a way of enhancing employee’s moods to encourage productivity. Offices that have been designed in a way that permits natural light to enter in large amounts offers the most conducive environment to work. Also, natural light improves the appearance of office plants. Office plants have been shown to reduce the level of stress and increase productivity among employees.

3. Make your office open to the great outdoors

Outdoor Office ConceptAn office can be inspiring and fun to work when it is close to nature. Consider making your office’s ceiling made of glass to bring nature closer to your working station. The fantastic view of nature from your office can be very relaxing and inspiring. The outdoors can be very innately calming and refreshing. Imagine you seated at the pack with our laptop breathing the fresh air that is the exact feeling you get from work in this kind of office. Take a nice break from drafting software and board meetings by relaxing while viewing nature around you.

4. Consider having an open sitting plan

Open Seating Office ConceptResearch has shown that an open office plan encourages sharing of ideas and teamwork among employees. Co-working office spaces have also been shown to allow employees to mingle with each other improving productivity and creativity. Sharing of items of furniture such as desks and chairs gives employees a feeling of family. Collaboration in an open office is also easy since there is no custom required in moving one desk to another. An open office plan also increases productivity, transparency, and fairness among employees. Research also shows that most employees find it lonely and stressful working in a closed office; hence, they prefer working in an open office since it is full of fun.

5. Hire the best Architect

Hiring an Architect Office ConceptWe admit, not all businesses are able to try this next one. Most powerful and great offices in the world were designed by a cutting edge architect. Architecture is on full display on some of the most incredible offices around the globe. Let your office have some impressive design on the seating arrangement furniture and lighting, give it a fascinating appearance. You might not be having sufficient money to give your office the best architectural design, but still with a limited budget you can set-up an amazing working environment.

6. Consider having an office with a playroom

Playroom Office ConceptMake playrooms a normal part of an office for your employees to get some relaxation after a tiresome job. Companies having playrooms in their offices have been reported to have the best performing and productive employees. Providing employees with a place to relax after the daily grind can make a huge difference. Include rooms for playing sports, singing, sky lounging and let workers have fun at the workplace. Google offices in Zurich are full of fun to work because of the incredibly relaxing environment with many recreational features.

7. Make the office feel like home

Home Office ConceptMake your office cubicle to look like a “home away from home”. The workplace needs to be cozy and cheerful to stimulate productivity among workers. Think of putting flowers and plants in your office to resemble your home garden. Plants and flowers in your office helps in improving your well-being. It is also advisable that you hire an experienced and a knowledgeable professional to help you choose plants that will create an ideal healthy work environment. The plants at your work place helps in reducing the noise levels. The plants work by absorb noise in the work environment giving you a distraction-free and calm environment to do your daily duties. Studies have shown that indoor plants are capable of reducing office generated noise by five decibels. You can also decide to hang many pictures and pieces of artwork on the walls to resemble home a bit more. You can bring some colorful, comfy pillows to make your chair or couch even more comfortable. In case you need storage containers, purchase those that match your color scheme.

8. Desks for storage

Storage Office Concept

Source: bfi Business Furniture Inc.

It can be disappointing if you have a lot of things to store yet you have inadequate storage facilities. Storage facilities are among the most important furniture in an office. The storage facilities helps to keep you organized in the office. Consider optimizing your storage facilities while adding some visual decoration to the place. You can use colored storage files instead of the usual boring plain ones. You can also decide to use a desk whose legs have bookshelves to help in accommodating your paperwork. You can also choose to use the board to keep a reminder for yourself. The board occupies small office space while at the same time it adds a vintage feel to your office. The filing cabinets and book cases will help you to be organized and hence find fun in you routine office job. 

9. Pin your visiting cards

Pin Visiting Cards Office ConceptThere comes a frustrating moment in your workplace when you misplace a visiting card that you require. To avoid such instances, it is advisable to put up a glue board or a board with a magnet to help in pinning the visiting cards using paper pins. The idea will help you to keep the most important visiting card that you may need in the future. The idea will make your work easier and fascinating considering the visually appealing board on your wall. You can also include a towering visibility light together with a shelf to accommodate the paper pins with any other office materials.

10. Consider having dark wood furniture

Dark Wood Furniture Office ConceptFilling your office with dark wood furniture creates an exciting environment for your job. Dark wood furniture in your office is an element of decoration that never goes wrong. Give your office the old vintage English feel by adding an arched window in white. You can also hang cane baskets to accommodate your office materials to keep the office organized. Keep the fun traditional office look by adding by displaying you certificates on the wall and also having some plants. Add wooden shelves and cabinets to your office to make it visually appealing. You can equip the shelves with a vase of flowers and decorate the empty walls with canvasses of painting.

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