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Executive Office Amenities

Looking for office spaces with amazing Executive Office Amenities?  Workstyle spaces come fully loaded with great features! From a great coffee bar to modern coworking spaces – we strive to deliver the best amenities to help your business grow. We include perks usually seen only in high priced executive suites for free!

Complimentary Coffee Bar

Workstyle even furnishes an attractive building coffee bar, replete with Keurig machines. Access to this type of upscale amenity helps maintain employee morale. It might also enhance your firm's productivity. Your staff can spend more time focusing on important business issues when they know they'll enjoy their daily Java without stress.

Creative Meeting Spaces

Creativity flows in well designed, collaborative office environments. Workstyle's elegant building layout fosters creative business approaches. When you seek office space for rent, don't overlook this innovative aspect of a premier executive suite.

Nationwide Access

One of the most important advantages our members enjoy involves the ability to gain full access to many Workstyle sites in other cities like Houston, Dallas, Atlanta and more. You obtain the ability to work and meet with clients outside of your immediate market.

24 Hour Access

Ever have to stop during the middle of your projects because the office or coffee shop is closing for the night? You'll appreciate convenient 24-hour access to great office space located all around the nation. Our work spaces often include security personnel and surveillance overnight. Work on your own schedule, day or night.

Conference Rooms

Does one of your business partners require an unscheduled working meeting? Our well-equipped, professionally decorated conference rooms give you the space your team requires to make a truly outstanding impression.

Free Wi-Fi

Today, most companies cannot function without an Internet connection, yet businesses may pay $300 or more per month for this essential service. Most Workstyle locations furnish members with no cost WiFi access throughout the entire space.

Collaborative Spaces

Today, cooperative teamwork matters to business ventures. When you rent an affordable office in one of our buildings, your firm gains all the advantages of synergistic collaboration. We supply fully furnished shared common spaces where you can exchange ideas with co-workers and network with other tenants.

Modern, Coworking Commons

To help promote cooperation and active collaboration, we offer an attractive workspace with generous open space. You'll appreciate how productive and optimistic you'll feel in this environment.

Presentation Equipment

Our conference rooms supply the type of presentation equipment required by startup enterprises: projectors, monitors, glass whiteboards and more. You'll enjoy the power to present your programs and ideas to clients effectively.

Most of our amenities are FREE!

Why pay extra for every small feature or benefit? We take care of all the office details such as providing internet connection, on-site community management, and same day maintenance. Get  great amenities at no extra cost!

Spacious Parking

Easily finding a great parking space is appreciated by employees and visitors alike. Our generously sized spaces ensure that you'll arrive and park without stress.

On site management

On site responsive community management enables you to obtain rapid answers when your employees raise questions about building issues. We'll address your concerns courteously and quickly.

Dedicated event space

Members also appreciate the ability to reserve dedicated event space from us easily. From team building events to client gatherings, we can supply space suitable for a wide array of purposes.