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Workspace Wednesday: Dr. William July’s Office Space in Houston

dr william july 2855 mangum road

Workspace Wednesday: Dr. William July’s (PhD) Office Space In Houston

We caught up with Dr. William July, PhD, and his shared office space Houston (a Workstyle suite located at 2855 Mangum Road). After selling the property where his office was previously located, he found a Workstyle executive offices for rent online that was perfect for him under the Office Space section in Craigslist. Being a Clinical Psychologist, he’s an expert in psychological testing and assesment for many legal related cases. Dr. July also performs traditional testing for things such as ADHD and Learning Disabilities, which has helped many people from all over the Houston area.

What’s the history behind your business and how you got into it?

WJ: I’ve always been curious about human behavior. I remember as far back as high school reading psychology books. Actually, after graduating college with a Business degree I went into the entrepreneurial world for several years and later became a police officer. I came back around to psychology later and pursued my graduate studies. I’ve done a lot of things and each one helps me be a better psychologist. All of the careers I’ve had have been about helping people in one way or another. Psychology brings it all together for me.

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What has your experience in the Houston office space been so far?

WJ: I feel the Workstyle I’m in and I have grown together. When we originally moved in I had one suite and there were only two other tenants in the Workstyle space. After I decided I was going to stay I added 2 additional suites. With new management, the Workstyle space was upgraded and redesigned and suddenly the Workstyle was full.  Recently, I leased a 4th suite.

Tell us about yourself and what you like to do outside the office.

WJ: I’m a Clinical Psychologist specializing in psychological testing and assessment. Most of the testing and assessment work I do is for legal related cases. This is called “Forensic Psychology”. I handle various types of cases in which legal decisions are being made. However, I also do traditional testing for things such as ADHD, Learning Disabilities, and Diagnostic consultations.

My clients are all sorts of people from all over the Houston area. We have many Hispanic clients and I have bilingual (English/Spanish) speakers on staff and I also speak intermediate level Spanish. We do many evaluations fully in Spanish. Outside the office I like to write, in fact I have written several books. One of my books was a national bestseller many years ago in 1998. I also used to do television expert spots with CNN and the Fox News Channel. I was a regular guest expert on the Great Day Houston show for a couple of years but I don’t have much free time for doing television any more. When I have free time I like to enjoy just watching a football game on television or listening to an audio book. Other than that I’m always working on my Spanish with a tutor.

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How effective is Workstyle at meeting your needs and what do you find most beneficial about it?

WJ: We have 4 Workstyle suites and that is my preference over being in a stand-alone office off of the hallway. In the Workstyle we have the kitchenette, conference room access, and great neighbors for a sense of community. If we were just in our own suite we would not have all of those amenities. For example, we enjoy interacting with our neighbors rather than being isolated. We all help each other.

The Workstyle layout is right for me because I need instant scalability in my business. Some days I may need to have quick staff meetings in the conference room or overflow room for clients who are waiting. In the Workstyle configuration I can make that happen quickly. The other thing I like is the open design of the Workstyle. It gives us space to move around and not feel cramped.

What are your top business goals for 2016?

WJ: Maintain good standards and care of our clients is first. Taking good care of my team is a major goal of mine. As for growth, we are working to expand our counseling and therapy side of the business. I have an excellent team of therapists and want to help them connect to more clients who need their services.

For more information about Dr. William July, PhD, and the services he provides, visit

dr william july 2855 mangum executive suite