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10 Best Neighborhoods for Entrepreneurs in Houston

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10 Best Neighborhoods for Entrepreneurs in Houston

Houston is a gem for every entrepreneur looking to start or grow a business. You get to enjoy an economy that is powered by a strong and stable energy sector and further complemented by a strategic location. Other offerings in the city include a culturally diverse population, stable financial sector, and incentives.

Finding an ideal location within Houston is the first step to unlocking its potential to create value for your business.


Best Neighborhoods for Entrepreneurs in Houston

Find the best neighborhoods for entrepreneurs in Houston.

Top Neighborhoods to Explore in Houston


10. The Woodlands

This neighborhood is ideal for an ambitious entrepreneur who is looking to set up in an already established market. It is serviced by several large malls, established businesses, and centers of higher learning. The major income bracket in this area is the middle class. It is an easy escape for those who are less inclined to commercially underdeveloped areas. As an entrepreneur, you enjoy a ready market, established systems, and proximity to the city center. On the flipside, you have to deal with considerably higher rental charges and competition. It is suitable for investments in real estate, retail, hospitality and IT.

9. Eastwood

If you are a start-up entrepreneur and not quite sure about your cash flows, Eastwood is the neighborhood for you. The area is in proximity to downtown and is popular among the young professionals. The rent charges here are flexible and affordable. As such you enjoy rent savings, great location and considerably educated labor pool if needed. Its location favors the godowns, warehouses or investments that may require more space. Other businesses could also thrive in the area but may require extra promotion.

8. West University Place

Like Woodlands, this neighborhood is established. However, West University place is bigger and better in terms of infrastructural development. It has a mix of middle and upper-income earners. It is suitable for investors in fast moving consumer goods, the retail market, real estate, hospitality. This location provides a large market base, pool of educated laborers, requisite infrastructure and support industries. Rent is relatively expensive in this area.

7. Galleria

The best businesses are located here, for example, top-notch shopping malls, corporate offices and other businesses. It is an ideal location for an entrepreneur primarily looking to network. In Galleria, you are exposed to top-notch expertise, technology, and you can keep up with the current trends and changes in the market. You will require a great product/service combined with an excellent strategy to stay at the top. If you are daring and a highrisk-taker, then this is the place to be. For a start-up, this location is ideal especially if you are shopping for an investor or funds. This neighborhood is uptown and hence provides an easy access supporting sectors such as banking. The rent charges are also relatively high here.

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6. Montrose

Montrose is your haven from work, a place to reflect, strategize and enjoy a game of golf with friends. Its closeness to uptown makes it an entrepreneur’s natural choice for a home. It is characterized executive suites and condos that are cut out for the upper-income group. This location is suitable for networking, investments in real estate, hospitality, and financial advisory.

5. Hunters Creek

Are you looking to target families, the upper middle class or people with a higher purchasing power? best Houston executive suites are found in Hunters Creek. Populates in this neighborhood are said to have “deeper pockets,” hence offers an excellent location for ventures in the real estate, luxurious brands and the service sector. As an entrepreneur, your primary task is to package your product/service to meet the buyer’s needs. Besides, the place is ideal for young entrepreneurs looking to network and create partnerships.

4. Afton Oaks

You will doubtlessly have to work harder to be spotted in former President George Bush’s neighborhood. The super rich reside in this area. It is ideal for networking plus it is in the vicinity of both uptown and downtown, thus, the perfect choice for a residential and commercial use.

3. Memorial Park

It is an industrial neighborhood which is strategically located near several city roads. The area is convenient for an entrepreneur who is constantly on the road. It is serviced by various accessible means of transport.

2. Greater Uptown

This is another super neighborhood. It is located in uptown and thus supported by proper infrastructure, ready markets, and crucial connections. It is decorated by expensive apartments, condos, and patios.

1. MacGregor

It is located in the busy Huston Medical Center. Its main strength is the easy accessibility to other parts of the city. The only disadvantage of choosing this location is that you will have to ignore the heavy traffic jams constantly.

location matters entrepreneurs

Collaboration and location are important factors for entrepreneurs

Why choosing a good location matters to entrepreneurs?

• An excellent location is easily accessible which makes it easier to reach the target market and to also get to suppliers and other partners.
• Any good business is bound to grow and therefore need room for expansion. A good location provides for this and is, therefore, key.
• Any good locality is worth its rent cost. It could also provide an opportunity to network with other businesses and meet more experienced professionals.
• Businesses depend on supporting businesses such as banks to survive. A good location has such supporting businesses is important for a business to thrive.
• An excellent location has other businesses that attract customers which will reduce the burden of attracting customers for business.
• Geography plays a huge role in the visibility of a business. By locating your business where the target market can easily spot it, you will be able to get more customers. It is beneficial in terms of marketing.
• A right location matters as it has enough supply of the talent that a business needs. An organization cannot expect key employees to move far from their social attachments unless it is willing to pay for it.
• Most investors prefer funding businesses that are close. An ideal location will enable a business to raise funds easily.
• A company’s values and branding are all important. An ideal location matches this values and branding making it relevant.
• A good site is essential as it has the necessary infrastructure access for the business to prosper.
• Location determines the networks a business can form, the strategic the location the easier it is to network.
Houston is a great city to kick start that entrepreneurial dream. Make sure you optimize its rising star status before it is saturated.