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10 Best Things Houston Has to Offer in 2016

10 Best Things Houston Has to Offer in 2016

For all of those who are unaware, Houston is one of the best cities ever when it comes to job opportunities, cost of living, culture… you name it! Not convinced? Well, this list of 10 things Houston is great at in 2016, should provide you with all of the proof you need. So the next time someone asks “what’s the best city to visit or live in”, you won’t have to think that hard for your answer. Now, let’s explore all that Houston has to offer.

Best Things Houston has to Offer

1. Creating New Job Opportunities in Houston in 2016

According to a Gallup poll, Houston is doing a great job during this crushing recession. office space in houston have had no problem filling positions. It was recorded as having the highest hiring percentages, and among the 50 largest U.S. metropolitan areas, the city has the best environment for job creation. With the nation’s highest job creation index score, it is definitely the place to come to work.

2. Fortune 500 Companies

Second only to New York, Houston is the chosen venue for office space for Fortune 500 companies’ headquarters. Houston has a total of 26 headquartered Fortune 500 companies in the city, which is actually significantly fewer than New York’s 72. However, it is well ahead of the nation’s capital Washington D.C, which has 20. So if this was a race, Houston would be coming in second, and running at a comfortable pace. The companies with Best Houston executive suites include Phillips, Apache, and Halliburton.

3. Diversity

Houston is a diverse city, with a bit of proof coming from the fact that it has been called the most diverse city in America by Walking on the streets, will make this fact clear to you almost immediately. Dip into any club or restaurant, and the diversity will become clearer, as it’s ripe with multicultural cuisine and music. According to statistics from the 2010 Census, Houston is made up of 43.8% Hispanics, 25.6% non-Hispanic Caucasians, 23.7% African-American, and 7% Asian or other races. The harmony of this diverse population will make many feel right at home in Houston.

4. Largest Rodeo

The NRG Stadium hosts the largest rodeo in the world. Known as the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, or by its abbreviation HLSR; this event is 20 days long and is regarded as the city’s signature event. Every year it hosts over 2 million people for the entire duration of the event. Among the top features are the Rodeo Run, the World’s Championship Bar-B-Que Contest, and the International Wine Competition. It also regularly draws the biggest music acts in the country having hosted Elvis Presley, Bob Dylan, Taylor Swift, Beyonce, Janet Jackson and many others.

5. Restaurants

Nothing says this is an amazing location more than yummy, scrumptious food. And Houston is known for its barbecues, Tex-Mex, and steakhouses. An eatery with finger-licking grub is something that is not hard to find in this city. Looking for a deli? No worries, there are plenty that are ready to wow you with their distinctive flavors. Plus, the diverse population has driven a large mix of ethnic cuisine. Even the seafood is popping! It is an industry that has especially grown in the Houston area.

6. Space: The Final Frontier

Famously known as the Space City, Houston hosts the NASA Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center, which is the mission control center for the U.S. human space flight program. This makes Houston the training and research center for astronauts. The city led the Apollo 11 Mission that landed man on the moon, and if this doesn’t make the city cool, there’s no telling what will.

7. Largest Medical Center

The Texas Medical Center is the largest medical center in the world! Hosting a total of 50 medical related non-profit organizations, among them being 21 hospitals and 8 academic and research institutions; it is the single largest employer in Houston. The entire medical complex is even larger than downtown Dallas! Among the top institutions here is the University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center. This center is the world’s premier cancer treatment and research hospital, and they spend billions of dollars each year in their aggressive fight against cancer.

8. Lower Cost of Living

Not only are their many excellent job opportunities, your paycheck can go far in Houston. Prices of goods and services are cheaper here than in any other U.S. city, and housing and utilities are quite affordable. When adjusted for cost of living, the city has the highest pay in the country.

9. Lots and Lots of Parks

Which city in the top 10 metropolitan areas has the most parks? Houston! Yep, you guessed it right! Houston has a lot of green space right in the city. With over 50,000 acres dedicated to greenery, it has the third largest greenery space in the entire U.S., with San Diego and Dallas the only ones having more. The Buffalo Bayou and Memorial and George Bush Park create a nice relaxing atmosphere that lessens the concrete jungle feel the city sometimes possesses. However, some people prefer the concrete jungle, and fortunately Houston has many skyscrapers. The city has 9 of the 100 tallest buildings in the U.S, so if you need office space, you’ll certainly be able to find it here. office space in energy corridor  are surrounded by parks such as Terry Hershey.

10. Art Scene

It’s no secret, Houston loves the arts. The Houston Museum District has 19 museums in its 1.5-mile radius. Chief among them is the Houston Museum of Fine Arts, which is one of the largest in the U.S. with large collections of American decorative art. The Rothko Chapel also has amazing works of art. For those who love improv, there’s something for you as well. Improv lovers will enjoy this city, as there are lots of improv troupes for you to enjoy at the Station Theatre. Also, the ComedySportz Houston is another place you should check out.

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